the chaperone guide

How to Get The Chaperone (Rank 3 Quest Guide)

“Jolly Holiday” starts you off on a Tex Mechanica competition to score The Chaperone, an Exotic Shotgun that fires slug rounds as opposed to the usual buckshot. While we haven’t gotten around to doing a full review of this gun yet, this quick guide will get you on the road to having a Chaperone of your very own. [divider] How to Obtain First of all, you’ll acquire this quest sometime after reaching Level 40. You also need to be Rank 3 in the Crucible. Simply wait until Amanda Holiday has a quest marker above her head, and you’ll know that it’s

marty o donnell bungie playboy

Marty’s Encore – Virtual Reality

The narrative surrounding Marty O’Donnell’s career has been somewhat confusing in recent years. The man responsible for creating the awe-inspiring soundtracks of our favorite games has gone from putting the final touches on Destiny’s score, to a heated legal battle (which he won). Now Marty is composing & directing the audio vision at Highwire Games, a smaller studio, working to make Virtual Reality the future of gaming. [divider] Marty, accompanied by Ex-Bungie Dev Jaime Griesemer, sat down with Playboy Magazine for a lengthy interview to talk about the challenges developers face, and the creative direction of their new game, Golem: JAMIE: […] If you

watermelon exo comic

Watermelon Exo Comic

Hello fellow guardians! My name’s Jake Myler (lazesummerstone on PS4), I’m a comic book artist and my favorite videogame and obsession is Destiny. So it made perfect sense to me that I’d draw a fan comic about it and put it online! At first, I meant for it to be a quick little thing: maybe just quickly sketched, a 10 minute side-project and not too much time or effort spent. But I kinda got caught up in recreating and painting some of the fantastic backgrounds that Bungie has created in Destiny when I started in on that first comic page.

taken king legendary marks farming

Gearing Up Guide (Legendary Marks)

Published on: Sep 19, 2015 @ 03:14 As a Year One Destiny veteran, one of your goals might be to get through as much of The Taken King’s content as possible in order to obtain shiny new pieces of gear, especially with today’s release of King’s Fall. Here’s our guide on how to increase your light level in the most efficient way as well as how to get Legendary marks, the primary end-game currency in The Taken King. [divider] Starting Off If you’ve saved packages and bounties for this update, don’t open them quite yet! In a few quests, you’ll unlock a new

Festival of the Lost - Events and Microtransactions

Destiny Events & Silver: What’s the Right Balance?

Published on: Oct 27, 2015 @ 19:04 Yesterday, Destiny players awoke to a special treat. No, it wasn’t a Year 2 Gjallarhorn – it’s The Festival of the Lost! Bungie rolled out the event with practically no advance warning, and the community seems to have been caught pleasantly by surprise. [divider] Holiday Spirit Considering Destiny’s track record of being rather miserly in the Holiday Spirit department, seeing the Tower fully decked out in autumn attire and some of our favorite NPCs joining in the fun is a welcome change. Last October Bungie allowed the silly Jackolyte to make the rounds, as well

how to get exotic class weapons

Taken King: How to Get Class Weapons

Published on: Oct 1, 2015 @ 18:51 It’s safe to say the Gunsmith has a few more Guardians to talk to these days. Ever since TTK has rolled in, he’s been up to his knees in weapon orders and ancient relics, and he’s decided to reward particularly dedicated Guardians with bounties for their trouble. As we’ve discovered, each of these leads to a unique class-specific Legendary or Exotic. Of course, it’s no small feat to amass enough reputation to collect each one. It requires diligence, patience, and a little bit of luck. This guide will walk you through how to

how to get the first curse exotic

Taken King: How to Get The First Curse

Published on: Sep 30, 2015 @ 18:11 The First Curse In The Taken King, some Exotic weapons are still yet to be discovered. Building off of the concept of Exotic Bounties from Year 1, Exotics can now be found after completing elaborate quests that offer more difficult challenges and glimpses into the lore that surrounds Destiny. DEAD EYE – Bonus to range, stability, and movement speed when aiming down sights. THE FIRST CURSE – Precision kills while aiming down sights grant increased range and stability until the next reload. Exotic Swords, Black Spindle, The Chaperone, and Touch of Malice also have Exotic Quests. [divider]

king's fall raid guide

King’s Fall Raid Guide

Published on: Sep 21, 2015 @ 20:17 Were you looking for the Hard or Challenge mode guides? [divider] Pre-Raid Checklist Coming from a military family, I’ve been taught to always be fully prepared for any challenge set before me. If not, I take a step back and focus on what I can do to better prepare myself. So, what should you do to prepare for King’s Fall? You’ll want 290 Light for first three parts and 300 Light is recommended for Oryx. Fully upgrade your gear and sublcass; have every tool available! Complete the quest called Blighted Worlds from Eris. Once this is complete,