watermelon exo comic

Watermelon Exo Comic

Hello fellow guardians! My name’s Jake Myler (lazesummerstone on PS4), I’m a comic book artist and my favorite videogame and obsession is Destiny. So it made perfect sense to me that I’d draw a fan comic about it and put it online!

At first, I meant for it to be a quick little thing: maybe just quickly sketched, a 10 minute side-project and not too much time or effort spent. But I kinda got caught up in recreating and painting some of the fantastic backgrounds that Bungie has created in Destiny when I started in on that first comic page. After that, I figured it’s only fair that I really put effort into everything else! And so Watermelon Exo was born. The only thing I regret is hand-lettering all the text. Why on earth am I doing that?

I’m excited that Planet Destiny has agreed to help me share this comic with the PD community! This is the first bunch of pages which gets this Exo, Kinder-guardian, protagonist, to the Tower.

I promise that it will be humorous, silly and perhaps sometimes a little stupid.


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You can find me online:
on Twitter @lazesummerstone
Tumblr jakemyler.tumblr.com
And believe it or not I have ANOTHER webcomic that is over at: www.mosscreekdivide.com

And my website if you wanna see some other comics I’ve worked on: