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Gunslinger Grenades Analysis

Hey everyone, Dukaness here with an analysis focused on the Gunslinger. This will be a three part mini-series. The next two analyses will feature Throwing Knives and then the other modifiers in the Gunslinger skill tree. The only focus of this analysis is the Gunslinger’s grenades. I will explain how much damage each grenade does and then offer suggestions for what I believe are the best ways to use each grenade. [divider] Trip Mine The Facts We’ll start with the Trip Mine. In the June update, Bungie eliminated the possibility of sticking an enemy with a Trip Mine, however, a

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Ultimate Striker Titan Guide

The Striker Titan is currently a very strong subclass that can do well in any Crucible gametype, especially in 3v3’s. Click here for more in-depth class guides. [divider] Striker Neutral Game – Grenades The Flashbang grenade is a basic nade that can bounce off of walls and deals up to a maximum of 170 damage, depending on how close the enemy is to the explosion. [gfycat data_id=”LikelyEcstaticDuckbillplatypus”] When hit with the flashbang, enemies are completely blinded for a few moments, losing the ability to even look at their radar. This is an ideal choice for players who like to rush

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Taken King: Nightstalker Guide

Hunters have some of the strongest neutral game in Destiny, in addition to very potent supers. Nightstalker is almost perfectly balanced between PvP and PvE. [divider] GRENADE The Nightstalker, as a Void class, has three grenades that all deal elemental Void damage. We consider Void damage to be somewhat of a black sheep in Destiny, as Void shields are the least prevalent in average content. Spike Identical to the Defender class, this grenade can be stuck on a surface to emit a torrent of damaging void light opposite to direction of attachment. Idealy used in close quarters where a doorway can

stormcaller subclass guide

Taken King: Stormcaller PvP Guide

The Stormcaller has a respectable neutral game, an above-average super, and has slowly been on the rise in the Crucible. This guide will help you make the most of what the Stormcaller has to offer. [divider] Stormcaller Neutral Game – Melee The Stormcaller melee is Thunderstrike. Like all Warlock melees, it has exceptional range, and will deal 122 damage on a hit.   [gfycat data_id=”ThatExcitableBlackrhino”] As far as upgrade choices are concerned, the 1st option is ‘Chain Lightning’ which lets your Thunderstrike chain to another nearby enemy. Even if there are multiple enemies nearby, this will ONLY chain to one

destiny gunslinger subclass guide

Taken King: Ultimate Gunslinger Guide

Hunters are the Agility class of Destiny, for Gunslinger specifically, so having a high-armor/mid-agility build is recommended. Let’s take a closer look at the perk sets available to Gunslingers! Intellect and Discipline are the most important stats to have. Having GG and grenades available more often is never a bad thing. Strength allows you to use the throwing knife more rapidly, but whether that is worth it or not is a personal preference. With the Knife Juggler, Scavenger, and Gambler’s Dagger talents, there’s really no need to invest in Strength. [divider] Grenades Incendiary – “An explosive grenade that sets enemies on

Stormcaller Subclass Overview: Updated!

Published on: Aug 26, 2015 @ 19:22 If Nightstalker had the most changes, and Sunbreaker the fewest, then Stormcaller falls somewhere in between. The new Warlock subclass was more than just bare bones, but had a few perks that didn’t connect strongly to the tone or feel of the class, and a few more whose abilities were ill-defined or lacking. Bungie has spiffed up the Sith Lord for their final build, and we’re excited to take a second look, straight into the eye of the storm. [divider] Stormcaller Grenades Bungie very wisely removed Lightning Grenade from the Stormcaller’s available pool.

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Sunbreaker Subclass Overview: Updated!

Published on: Aug 26, 2015 @ 18:13 Our discussion of the subclass redesigns continues with the Sunbreaker. The Solar Titan is largely unchanged, with a few perks shuffled around and a few descriptions altered for clarity, but there are still some notable differences we’ll outline for you. As always, you’ll hear what we have to think about each talent and how it compares to the initial set that was shown at E3. [divider] Sunbreaker Grenades Much like the Nightstalker, the Sunbreaker’s grenades haven’t changed a bit. In fact, the only change is to the name of the Sunbreaker’s unique grenade:

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Nightstalker Subclass Overview: Updated!

Published on: Aug 26, 2015 @ 14:03 A great designer’s work is never done, and this is why we warn you that no builds are final until all is said and done. Having said that, we’ve seen some changes to the new subclasses – some good, some not so much. We’re going to do our best to spell out in simple terms what changed, and give a brief analysis of the new perk’s benefit vs. the old perk’s benefit, as well as to provide other relevant or pertinent information that will help you decide on how you feel about these