best legendary taken king vendor weapons

Taken King Weapon Recommendations

Published on: Sep 28, 2015 @ 08:37 Now that you’ve finally got an excess of Legendary Marks, it’s time to start thinking about what weapons you might want to buy from the Tower vendors. These weapons come ready to go, straight out of the box.  [divider] The Vanguard AN ANSWERING CHORD | Auto Rifle SRO-41 Feather Mag Snapshot/Injection Mold Feeding Frenzy An Answering Chord comes with a strong range stat of 54 – good for its archetype. Feather Mag will reduce magazine size for faster reloads, but paired with Feeding Frenzy, reloading will happen faster than you could blink in Vanilla

taken king strike specific loot

Review: Taken King Strike-Specific Loot

Published on: Sep 27, 2015 @ 14:29 The Taken King has a few items that can only be obtained by completing a certain Strike. This article will outline each item and where you can get it from. Playing consecutive Strikes will grant a ‘streak bonus’ that gives extra rep and better chances for loot drops until you return to Orbit. Plus, encounters with enemies now allow for up to three different dialogue sets. The guns are dropped with random perks, and reforging isn’t an option, but this guide will offer some perks to look out for. Click a weapon to see all of its potential perks.

king's fall raid weapon reviews

King’s Fall Weapon Reviews

Published on: Sep 22, 2015 @ 19:01 King’s Fall has been conquered, and the spoils are available to anyone who has been brave enough to explore and conquer the Dreadnaught. You may have seen a few of the flavorful Legendary Weapons that it can reward in circulation among your friends, and you may also be wondering how they stack up next to that nerf-looking gun you got from Zavala. Well, this article will outline in brief how these Raid Legendaries fare, without getting unnecessarily in-depth. For the most part, it’s good news! Keep in mind that every Raid Legendary comes

touch of malice exotic quest guide

How to Get Touch of Malice – Exotic Raid Quest Guide

Published on: Sep 20, 2015 @ 14:54 Touch of Malice offers one of the most interesting Exotic perks in Destiny, and is perfect for some of the King’s Fall bosses. This guide will outline what you need to do to acquire this weapon from Eris. Tip: Calcified Fragments are bound to your character – they’re not shared between your account for this Exotic Quest. [divider] Touch of Malice Before we get into what you’ll need to do to obtain this weapon, these are its perks: Intrinsic: Touch of Malice – Final round of the magazine regenerates and deals bonus damage at the

how to get exotic swords in destiny

Swords Are Hilariously Fun

Published on: Sep 19, 2015 @ 15:01 Now that Oryx has arrived, the Hive aren’t the only swordbearers in the solar system. With a quest from Eris comes a new heavy weapon type: the Sword. These elegant, high-risk/high-reward weapons are being forged by Guardians everywhere and giving rocket launchers and MGs a run for their money. How are you enjoying Swords so far? Do you prefer to use them over the standard heavy weapons? [divider] Legendary Sword After completing the main Taken King questline and a quest called “Dread Patrol” given by Cayde-6, return to the Tower and speak to

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Taken King Grimoire

Published on: Sep 14, 2015 @ 14:49 Warning: This article contains spoilers! You can read the Taken King Grimoire cards below. [divider] Subclasses [toggle title=”Nightstalker” state=”close” ] “Draw from the Void. Light the way.” A lone hunter stalks the night, firing arrows into the Darkness. There is no hiding, no escape. In the distance, the beast falters, tethered to the void. The killing blow comes without hesitation, without mercy. There’s truth in the edge of Light, and beneath that truth a deeper truth, hidden from all but a few. That truth is this: monsters need not fear the night. Do

King’s Fall Raid Gear & Perks

Published on: Sep 10, 2015 @ 01:53 This article will outline what we know about King’s Fall so far, including its gear, challenge modes, and some helpful items to help you score more loot! [divider] Armor The Harrowed set is from ‘hard mode’ and most likely has an increased Light rating, in addition to its cosmetic changes. Warlock Hunter Titan Mouth of Ur (Harrowed) Chasm of Yuul (Harrowed) Darkhollow Mask (Harrowed) Darkhollow Chiton (Harrowed) War Numen’s Crown (Harrowed) War Numen’s Chest (Harrowed) Grasp of Eir (Harrowed) Darkhollow Grasps (Harrowed) War Numen’s Fist (Harrowed) Path of Xol (Harrowed) Darkhollow Treads (Harrowed) War Numen’s Boots (Harrowed) Bond of the Wormlore? Darkhollow Mantle War Numen’s

taken king new weapon perks

New Taken King Weapon Perks

Published on: Sep 8, 2015 @ 18:35 The following are new perks found exclusively on the new Taken King weapons. We’ll have a mini-review of these perks soon. This list will not include the sights/scopes or the new unique Exotic perks. You can see these perks for yourself by checking out any of the new weapons. [divider] Raid Perks These are exclusive to raid weapons: COCOON When stowed for a short time, this weapon is automatically reloaded from your reserves. WILL OF LIGHT (Intrinsic)* This weapon deals bonus damage against Taken enemies. *This perk appears on other weapons as well, but