king's fall raid guide

King’s Fall Raid Guide

Published on: Sep 21, 2015 @ 20:17

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Pre-Raid Checklist

Coming from a military family, I’ve been taught to always be fully prepared for any challenge set before me. If not, I take a step back and focus on what I can do to better prepare myself.

So, what should you do to prepare for King’s Fall?

  • You’ll want 290 Light for first three parts and 300 Light is recommended for Oryx.
  • Fully upgrade your gear and sublcass; have every tool available!
  • Complete the quest called Blighted Worlds from Eris. Once this is complete, grab The Road to King’s Fall Quest from her. The reward is a 310 artifact!
  • Start up the Raid and immediately return to the Tower. Eris should have a Quest called The Old Hunger. You’ll need this for Touch of Malice.
  • Stock up on synth’s of all shapes and sizes.
  • Fights require you to do a certain amount of damage before the Boss enrages, so bring heavy hitters like sniper rifles and machine guns.


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king's fall chest locations
Map by VoltronSky
dreadnaught chests map
Map by MyxoDv


To see the King’s Fall loot, click here. We’ve also reviewed the weapons here.


The Portal

You’ll instantly recognize the area; it’s the Court of Oryx. This time, you and your fireteam need to solve a puzzle to open the portal. First, take the relics that spawn near you to a statue and place it. From here there’s a silent timer that requires you and your team to retrieve nearby relics and place them in the statues. If you split up in teams of 3, going both directions, you should have no problem locating the two relics.

The relics may be hard to spot. Some will actually be floating in the air just outside the entry hall of the Court of Oryx. Once you and team member has picked both of them up, you and your partner need to place them down on the flaming statue at the same(ish) time.


Transition Area

Running down the hall you’ll encounter a platforming section of swinging pendulums. These can be rather tricky and your momentum carries with you. Do not worry though as you can easily traverse this section by waiting until the next pendulum is about to cross in front of you.

Next up, yet another jumping section. After slaying the enemies below, hop on the top of the ship.

After making it at the docking station, you’ll notice some plates that, when activated, allow a tomb ship to pass through a light barrier. When you get some of your team across, they can stand on their plates and allow the rest of the team to cross.


Basilica Gate

First, grab the Calcified Fragment just inside the doorway to the right of the first pillar.

Standing on the center plate powers the glyphs and allows you to gain access to the next room. There are two Annihilation Totems in the side rooms which will kill everyone unless there are people on them. You may only stand on this center plate with the buff called Deathsinger’s Power. Getting kills in the side room raises this power to a max of 10, which is then “transferred” to the center plate.

On each entrance of these side-rooms is a buff called Aura of the Weaver. 1 player on the right, and 1 player on the left, will pick this up – they are responsible for keeping the Totem’s power under check. Another player goes with the Weaver and kills enemies to raise the Deathsinger’s Power.

The Weaver, after their 30 second time limit is up, transfers the Aura of the Weaver to the ally closest to them. They will effectively run to the center plate and release their energy here, killing adds at the same time. Someone from the center will run to replace that person, making this an easy cycle of swapping players in and out.

After doing this process of switching back and forth for several rounds, the glyph will power up, and the next room will be unlocked.



First of all, notice the three plates, and the Glyphs that are lit up in front of them. These will be instrumental throughout this encounter. To start, stand on each plate at the same time.

After killing the normal enemies that spawn in, Hallowed Knights will come out and “activate the sequence” – meaning the plates can be utilized again.

To know which one order to activate, have a guy jump up close to Warpriest and he’ll notice a glowing aura on the back of the Glyphs. This will indicate which plate is first, second, and third. After your team steps on the plates in the correct order, 1 person will receive a buff that allows your team to damage the Warpriest. You must stand within its radius for it to work!

The person who carries the “Aura of the Initiate” needs to kill adds as well. That person will have a 10-second countdown timer, that only resets once an enemy is killed. The Aura-holder will die if the countdown isn’t reset.

After a short time, the Warpriest will summon Oculus, a blinding light that will kill you if you aren’t in the shadow of a Glyph pillar. Stand in the shadow of the pillar to not be killed.

Once this is complete, the pillar will disappear and you’re left with two remaining. You will still utilize all three plates though. Just repeat this same order of killing adds, then the Hallowed Knights, activating plates in the correct order, standing in the Aura to deal damage, and hiding from the Oculus.

Note: By the fourth round, there will be no more pillars to hide behind, so you will have to restart if you don’t do it fast enough. Use your Supers once you have the Aura so you can put as much damage on the boss as possible.



Take a few minutes to get a feel for the area; there are doors in the far back on top and bottom of the room, as well as doors to the left and sides. There are also two doors, left and right, on the bottom floor, under where you come in. 6 deaths (on normal) causes the Tablet of Ruin to start, which kills everyone after 30 seconds. Throughout this entire fight, everyone will need to also focus on killing Hive that spawn below, since Golgoroth can use them to restore health if they get too close.

The fight will begin once you “break” the orb above the center pool. Golgoroth is basically a normal ogre in the sense that he shoot an eye blast at one person at a time. What you and your fireteam want to do is split into two groups of three, 3 for the left and 3 for the right. Kill all the regular enemies first, then the Major Adepts (killing one near Acolytes will enrage them).

Now establish two players to be on Gaze duty. These players have the task of shooting Golgoroth in the back, which will turn him to that person, focusing his Gaze away from everyone else. Golgoroth will be fixated on the “Gaze’d” player for 18 seconds.

To deal sufficient damage, players must shoot the Orb that his stomach is facing. This Pool of Reclaiming Light will offer your fireteam a massive damage boost while standing in it. If you have a Nightstalker in your group, have them Shadowshot with Bloodbound at Golgoroth for extra damage. So while 4 of the team are shooting him, the Gazers are just trying to stay alive, shooting Cursed Thrall down below to avoid a death.

After the first “Gaze’d” player has been holding the Gaze for about 15 seconds, the other person on Gaze duty will take it by shooting Golgoroth in the back, refocusing his Gaze for another ~18 seconds. During these few second switches, the team at the bottom needs to shoot another Orb, preferably the one his stomach will be facing.

By trading these Gazes quickly each time it runs out, Golgoroth prevents new adds from spawning other than the cursed thrall down below which spawn with every new heart dropped. Continue doing this until either all the hearts are exhausted or you need a quick break. Reset, kill adds and repeat.


Daughters of Oryx

Have everyone take a stroll through the area, careful not to jump on the four platforms. After a minute of being here, someone will enter the Lost Dimension; the person is chosen at random. The spirit runner is required to jump in an ascending pattern around the four platforms. Their goal is to reach the waypoint at the top of the “staircase.”

There are 2 Deathsingers. Both with an immune shield/aura around them. The only way to remove the Aura is to have the Spirit Runner snag the Relic and steal the Aura.

The first platform will be the platform counterclockwise to the platform with the waypoint. See our video guide for an example. Once the designated person jumps to the first platform, it activates a 60 second timer required to get the Aura and shoot the Deathsinger.

After the first person jumps on his platform, the next person counterclockwise to him will jump and activate his platform, then the next, and the next.

The Runner will ascend the platforms, collecting the orbs of light and getting to the final waypoint. Stand near the waypoint for a few second to absorb it. One Deathsinger has a large red indicator emanating from it: do not jump on this one. You want to either try jumping directly from the waypoint platform to the other Deathsinger, or, if you can’t make the jump, just fall down and use the center columns to jump up to them.

After stealing the Aura, you’re invincible. The Aura of Weaving debuff is still counting down, so quickly congregate your team to a central location and shoot the Deathsinger. Get it very close to death, but don’t kill it yet.

Everyone needs to stay in the Aura until after the bright flash. If not, you will die. Once this bright light has gone away, clear adds in the center. In a few seconds, someone will become the Runner and the Waypoint will randomize again. Return to platforms during this time, and have the new Runner call out where the old Runner needs to switch to. This needs to be setup super-fast as you will have one minute to deal damage to the second Deathsinger. Once the Runner as gotten to Buff, they need to call out that they have retrieved it, telling players to shoot the other Deathsinger you were ignoring before.



Run near the end of the room to start this fight. This fight has a few similarities to the last, but with the exception that the spirit runner can be selected by your team.

4 players can run to their respective platforms after the enemies are dealt with. Oryx will move to one side of the map and smash his fist onto one of the platforms, leaving behind a Relic. The Runner needs to jump on this platform and acquire this Relic as fast as possible. The person responsible for the platform Oryx smashed will mount it along with the Runner, along with the other 3 people that have a platform to stand on.

Next to each platform, once activated, an Ogre will spawn. Each person needs to kill these Ogre’s ASAP. After they’re killed, they’ll leave behind a large black Orb (ignore these until after staggering Oryx).

Once the Runner snags the Relic, everyone group up in the center. A Hive ship comes in to drop off enemies, including a special Vessel Knight with an aura shield. The Runner will run to the Vessel, steal his aura, and return back to the group. The group needs to be shooting the Vessel and kill that Knight as fast as possible – the Vessel will destroy the black Orbs.

After the Vessel dies, everyone needs to focus on Oryx. His chest will open up, and at this point, your group needs to put enough damage into him so that he staggers. If Oryx doesn’t take enough damage during this window of time, everyone will die.

Once he staggers, the each person who’s responsible for a platform will run to their black Orb. It’s important they are “detonated” at roughly the same time by standing inside them for a few seconds. Each of these Orbs does a chunk of damage to Oryx, so it’s important you detonate them all. After detonation, run back to the center (inside the Aura) and continue shooting Oryx.

After this happens, everyone needs to start running around like crazy because Oryx starts bombing the arena. Soon after this madness stops, Oryx moves onto another platform and smashes it.

The third round is slightly more complicated. Instead of a bombing run, Oryx teleports the fireteam into a separate arena – this is where you’ll fight the Echo of Oryx. You have to kill him in a certain amount of time or your team wipes. You will not be able to regenerate your health while in this stage either. If possible, the team on the outside can kill the Taken thrall that spawn beside the orb; this prevents them from teleporting in there.

Watch for his smash, build the bridge, kill each Ogre, take the center, steal the Aura, kill the Vessel, stagger Oryx, detonate the Orbs, shoot Oryx. We have a full run through of it here:

Once Oryx hits about 1% health, he falls off the edge… only to pop up in the center again! Your team should run towards him to avoid damage falloff, shooting Oryx in the chest like before – give it as much as you’ve got – and then he’s actually dead.