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Crucible Radio

Crucible Radio

Unlike the PlanetDestiny podcast that you know, Crucible Radio is focused primarily on PvP. New episodes arrive every Monday at midnight, so please check out the show on iTunes and subscribe to the YT channel to stay updated.

[divider]From the Crew

Hey everyone! Bones, Birds and Stache here. We host a podcast called “Crucible Radio”, where we discuss Destiny PvP strategy, the metagame, and our own journey to “git gud”. Each week we feature an interview with one of Destiny’s top players, streamers, and Crucible scientists.

For us, it’s all about having a personal conversation: we’re not top 1% players, but we do our research and put in the hours. We’re working just as hard to improve as many of you, and we like sharing our experiences and lessons learned as we progress. We’re so excited to be joining the Planet Destiny family – there’s so much great content here, and we’re thrilled to be contributing.

To kick off our relationship with Planet Destiny, we’re dropping one of our favorite episodes to date. The legend tripleWRECK joins us for a chat about streaming, competitive play and how Destiny brings people together.

Listen to the episode, hear the music, and join the conversation on CruciblePlaybook.