the chaperone guide

How to Get The Chaperone (Rank 3 Quest Guide)

“Jolly Holiday” starts you off on a Tex Mechanica competition to score The Chaperone, an Exotic Shotgun that fires slug rounds as opposed to the usual buckshot. While we haven’t gotten around to doing a full review of this gun yet, this quick guide will get you on the road to having a Chaperone of your very own.


How to Obtain

First of all, you’ll acquire this quest sometime after reaching Level 40. You also need to be Rank 3 in the Crucible. Simply wait until Amanda Holiday has a quest marker above her head, and you’ll know that it’s time to begin your quest for The Chaperone.

She will first task you with getting kills with The Last Word equipped in the Crucible. Much like the Thorn bounty, kills will reward you a certain percentage towards 100% completion, and any deaths will set you back considerably. However, if you were to go about it in a conventional manner, you would need to have a cumulative K/D of well over 2.0, as a death costs 2% points for every 1% gained by a TLW kill.

Fortunately, we have some useful tips that will make this pretty much painless:

You don’t have to get kills with TLW.

It actually just has to be equipped. As long as it’s equipped in your Primary slot, kills with a Special or Heavy you get will count towards this bounty. The newly-nerf’d TLW is still fairly powerful, but definitely not the powerhouse it once was. If you have a favorite shotgun or sniper, you’re certainly welcome to use those.

If you unequip TLW, you won’t be penalized for deaths

This one has lots of potential. One strategy that has surfaced is to simply wait until your Super is charged, equip TLW, and go out into the field for some easy kills. Golden Gun, Hammer of Sol, and even Nova Bomb in modes like Control/Rift, are excellent ways to get multi-kills. If you don’t feel comfortable continuing your streak after your Super, you can unequip TLW and die knowing your score is safe.

You’ll be rewarded with extra points for streaks

Going 5-0, and then immediately dying three times in a row will leave you with more points than if you had simply alternated to go 5-and-3. To this end, if you’re in a match where you think you can go streaky, this is when you should opt to try to complete the bounty. A high-stakes game where you trade frequently and end up with 1.7 K/D may feel like a success, but for the purposes of this bounty, that sort of play is a death sentence. It pays to be an opportunist, so don’t be afraid to shelve TLW and to wait for the perfect match.

Stage 2

Once you’ve jumped over this first considerable hurdle, you’ll be rewarded with the next quest stage. For this one, just pay Amanda Holiday 15,000 Glimmer in the form of a “Generous Donation”. Er, yeah…she just wants a bribe. A class item that rewards you extra glimmer for Crucible kills probably would come in handy on the previous leg of this multi-stage quest. Otherwise, grab your Vanguard Shell and go kill some Hive, or stop by the ol’ glimmer-grinding stomping grounds of the Exclusion Zone. Either way, once you’ve sufficiently greased her palms, the third stage will open up.

Stage 3

This one requires you to either A. Kill Level 40 Enemy Majors, or B. Kill some more Guardians in the Crucible with shotguns. The first method grants 6% per major killed, and the second 3% per Guardian. There’s no penalty for dying on this stage, so don’t sweat your K/D any more than you usually do. You can accomplish this simply by playing high-level Heroic content, or finding a suitable place to grind them out. If you’re not sure of where this is – in fact, Patrick wasn’t – the Crucible is the easier bet. After your 34 Crucible shotgun kills, return to Amanda Holiday to unlock the fourth and final stage.

Stage 4

For this last challenge, you have to take on the Shield Brothers in a special, 290 Light curated Strike playlist. The tooltip says that you must kill each of them with a Shotgun, but the requirement is actually considerably more lax. In Patrick’s case, he simply had to register a few Shotgun hits on each of the Brothers in order to receive credit for killing them with a Shotgun. To be safe, we recommend trying to land the killing blow at the very least with a blast of buckshot.

For the rest of the strike, you’re welcome to use whatever Special Weapon you prefer. We recommend a trusty Sniper Rifle; with the Specialist modifier, the Cabal tank will be no match for some well-placed precision shots.

Once you’ve indulged in this fratricide, you’re basically done. Return to Amanda Holiday and let her know that you’re the best. She’ll effectively shrug and say you’ll get your Shotgun later, as Tex Mechanica has to evaluate if you’re truly worthy. What this means in practicality is that you’ll need to wait for the weekly reset to claim your prize. If you get this done on a Tuesday, that means a full 7 day waiting period, so we hope you’re patient!

That’s it! If you have any questions that weren’t addressed by this guide, let us know in the comments and we’ll try to clear anything up. Otherwise, share your strategy for the Crucible portion of this bounty; we’re sure there’s more than a few Guardians languishing at 30% and banging their heads against the wall.