How to Pass the Time Until Destiny 2

As of Monday, we’ve got six long weeks until we get to see if the final product lives up to all the varied expectations of every single Destiny player around the world (spoiler: it won’t). Now that we can no longer explore every single corner of the impressively large Inverted Spire strike, or repeatedly murder each other at Midtown or Endless vale, we’re going to have to think of something to do. Many of us are going to sit right back down and play more Destiny. On the plus side, with no Beta and no Destiny 2 for six weeks,

Top 5 Story Elements We Can’t Wait to Learn More About

While there’s not an overwhelming amount to glean from the beta, there was more than enough to get my juices flowing. Theses are the five story elements I can’t wait to dig into! [divider] 5. Lord Shaxx When we meet Lord Shaxx in Homecoming, he’s surrounded by fearful residents of the Last City. This is perhaps the most important – in my mind – story element introduced in the Beta: never before have we seen Guardians interact with non-Guardians, and it seems evident that Shaxx has led the group we find to safety. It also appears that he’s wearing Raze-Lighter

destiny 2 beta tips

9 Destiny 2 BETA Tips

Here’s 9 interesting & helpful tips that have been found so far: 1. Stay with Zavala in the campaign mission to practice your new Super abilities Thanks goes to /u/LORD_WZRD for this one. Once you rendezvous with Zavala during the ‘Homecoming’ campaign mission, you’re tasked with defending the plaza area against three waves of invading Cabal before continuing on to meet with Ikora. Periodically, Zavala will pop his own Ward of Dawn to shield you from incoming missiles, dropping several orbs when he does so. Normally this area also features a couple of other Guardians as well, and it’s a

destiny 2 beta impressions

D2 BETA First Impressions

We’ve gotten a chance to play through the opening mission, Strike and sample Control and Countdown. I’ve had the chance to get some solid playtime with all six of the available subclasses, and what follows are my initial impressions after a day of playing. Gameplay It should come as no surprise to anyone that the gameplay feels polished and controls like a dream. Bungie knows what they’re doing when it comes to developing FPS engines and that hasn’t changed with Destiny 2. With that said, the game feels similar to the original while being quite different all at the same

Destiny 2 Weekly News Wrap Up

We are just a few short days away from the start of the early access for the Destiny 2 beta, and what a week it’s been! We’ve gotten a few juicy details on Bungie’s goals going into Destiny 2 as far as the lore and story are concerned, we’ve seen the debut of two brand new PvP maps, some more details on the Sentinel Titan, and so much more is coming later this month. [divider] Beta Details Let’s get right into one of the most important topics, and that’s the impending beta! As of Thursday, July 13 the Destiny 2

A Farewell to Arms: 10 Most Iconic Weapons

Destiny 2, while not surprising, is sure to break many a Guardian’s heart: inventory from Destiny 1 will not carry over into Destiny 2. There’s even a canon reason for it: Ghaul (or Gary), has destroyed all our stuff. There are several positives to this, such as that Destiny 2 won’t feel like just another expansion to the original game, and that Bungie will have the chance to sort out some of its lingering balance problems. Even so, we all have gear that we’ll be sad to see go (such as the very mediocre void-damage Secret Handshake I used to complete the

endless vale callouts

Endless Vale – Map Breakdown

While no one knows for sure how the map will play when the BETA arrives on the 18th, we can get a good idea by being knowledgeable of the layout. From the gameplay we’ve seen, and basic study of the map, it appears that most of the mid and shorter long range engagements will be taking place on the outside lane leading from each spawn to B point. There are a couple pieces of cover between the Portal and Bend and B, but they are small and spread apart, so longer range weapons like pulses and scouts will have the