Destiny 2 Launch Content (Spoilers)

It’s been quite a busy week! Plenty of leaks have been making their way online, and while we covered most of the interesting news here, this article will recap all the other leaks and spoilers that have been revealed. Credit goes to /u/a_tortoise_IRL for translating the following information from the French Canadian source of the guide leaks. [divider] Campaign Let’s begin by looking at the leaked mission list for the Red War campaign, which features 17 main missions in total: Homecoming Adieu Spark – Pt. 1 Spark – Pt. 2 Combustion Hope Riptide Utopia Looped Six Sacrilege Fury Payback Unbroken

Possible Raid Location Discovered?

A few of Destiny 2’s Trophies have provided tantalizing clues as to what’s going to be coming our way in the game. Check out the full list below to see what we mean: Traveler’s Chosen – Obtain all trophies in Destiny 2. Long and Winding Road – Reach level 20. Zavala’s Lieutenant – Acquire each Titan subclass. Cayde’s Pathfinder – Acquire each Hunter subclass. Ikora’s Protege – Acquire each Warlock subclass. Show Me What You Got – Complete Shaxx’s Call to Arms In a Flash – Complete a Flashpoint. The People’s Hero – Complete a Heroic public event. Heart of

Weekly News Recap

It’s been quite an eventful week, with plenty of new trailers, gameplay reveals, and a few spoilers… so let’s review everything we learned! Trailer Roundup Launch Trailer European Dead Zone Meet Cayde-6 Meet Hawthorne Meet Zavala [divider] Destiny 2 Pre-Load As of this week, Guardians who have pre-ordered Destiny 2 on Xbox One are able to download the game’s file. It clocks in at 29.15GB currently, with a day one patch expected. As for PS4 players, it was originally expected they would be able to pre-load the game beginning on September 3, however a tweet from Bungie on 8/21 mentioned

European Dead Zone Analysis (Spoilers)

Bungie has finally pulled back the curtain and let us take a closer look at the first zone we’ll be spending time with in Destiny 2! The Map We got a closer look at one of the long requested features finally coming in D2, the zone maps. When you first begin exploring each of the zones, your map will only feature a few things of note — but as you play through the game, it will begin to populate with more activities. Many of these icons can be tracked and fast traveled to, such as Public Events and Adventures, while

Latest Destiny 2 News Recap

Edge Magazine recently released issue #310 and one of the features was an in-depth look at Destiny 2. The staff over at Edge had a chance to play through the entirety of the D2 campaign and they came away extremely impressed with it. They also revealed a few new pieces of information! [divider] Energy Improvements The energy weapons that we got to sample during the beta weren’t quite the finished products that will be awaiting us in the full game. In the full game, energy weapons that correspond with the shield of an enemy combatant will have a big effect.

9 Things We’re Looking Forward to in Destiny 2

Unrestricted Class Access There’s two components to this point: The first being that when we got hands on time with the beta, only half of the skill nodes were available. I’m eager to get my hands on Voidwalker’s lifesteal build, and the Sentinel being able to throw multiple shields. Secondly, third subclasses… what’s the deal with them? I’m hopeful we’ll see Nightstalker, Sunbreaker, and Stormcaller again! [divider] New Enemies We’ve gotten a close look at the revamped Cabal in Destiny 2. We’ve seen the new units added, like the Incendior, Gladiator, and War Beast. We’ve also seen the new updates

destiny 2 beta analysis

After the Beta: Concluding Thoughts

After completing the limited-time taste preceding the wait for D2, I wanted to follow up with some final thoughts… Classes After playing on all three classes, reading thoughts from people who have played all three classes, and talking to people have played all three classes, some very obvious trends of thought emerged. I’ve broken them down here by Guardian type: Titans feel great. They, more than the other classes (perhaps only slightly more than Warlocks) feel powerful. Combined with the most versatile movement ability in the Beta – the strafe jump – the Titan wall ability is a force to

destiny lost sector patrol

A Closer Look at D2’s Open World Activities

After spending almost a week with a beta that was very light on PvE content, today we got a chance to see some of the exciting Patrol activities waiting for us on Nessus! Courtesy of IGN, we got a bunch of new details regarding things we’ll be able to do and some of the rewards accompanying them. Public Events Public events will be making their return in Destiny 2, and several of the events from D1 will be coming back. On top of this, the new game will feature tons of new types of public events. It was revealed that