destiny 2 beta tips

9 Destiny 2 BETA Tips

Here’s 9 interesting & helpful tips that have been found so far:

1. Stay with Zavala in the campaign mission to practice your new Super abilities

Thanks goes to /u/LORD_WZRD for this one. Once you rendezvous with Zavala during the ‘Homecoming’ campaign mission, you’re tasked with defending the plaza area against three waves of invading Cabal before continuing on to meet with Ikora. Periodically, Zavala will pop his own Ward of Dawn to shield you from incoming missiles, dropping several orbs when he does so.

Normally this area also features a couple of other Guardians as well, and it’s a great area to chain Supers together. You can stick around even after defending against the three waves to keep picking up orbs and getting used to your new abilities. It’s the perfect spot to practice with the new Supers. Especially since some of them can do a bit more than you might initially think.


2. Arc Staff Combos

The new Arcstrider subclass for Hunters has perhaps the most intricate Super usage that we’ve seen in Destiny to date. Your first time using it, you probably simply spammed your way across the battlefield, swinging at everything in sight. Thanks to this thread by /u/LevelAtWork, we’ve since learned that the Arc Staff can pull off quite a few combos:

  • R1/RB – Basic swipe attack
  • R2/RT – Sends a ranged arc attack forward
  • R1/RB, R2/RT – Uppercut attack
  • R1/RB, R1/RB, R1/RB – Ground pole slam, does slight AoE damage
  • R1/RB, R1/RB, R2/RT – Arc palm blast to finish a combo, does high damage in a cone in front of you
  • (Mid-Air) R2/RT – Aerial ground slam that does large amount of AoE damage

Using the Arc Staff ability also grants you unlimited usage of your Dodge ability, so keep that in mind when closing in on your opponents.


3. Chaos Accelerant explained

One of the new unique abilities for the Voidwalker subclass is Chaos Accelerant, letting you draw power from your Super meter once it’s full to overcharge your grenade. While this doesn’t make your grenades do more damage, it does have the following effects:

  • Vortex Grenade – Lasts slightly longer and has an increased area of effect
  • Scatter Grenade – Adds tracking ability to the Scatter Grenade, similar to the Nothing Manacles from D1
  • Axion Bolts – Base grenade has two tracking bolts, when overcharged this number is increased to four

Armed with the knowledge of what each overcharged grenade can do, it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth making the trade off and draining your Nova Bomb to use them.


4. Sentinel Shield Versatility

The Sentinel Titan has been an absolute blast to play, and part of the reason for this comes down to just how versatile the Sentinel Shield is. For fans of the Defender from D1, it was a relief to know you’d still be able to use Ward of Dawn by holding down the buttons used to activate your Super.

As far as the actual shield goes, there’s three main things to keep in mind when using it, as I often see people just mindlessly running around trying to bash with it. The first thing is to remember that the shield CAN be used to defend by holding down L2/LT which is incredibly helpful when closing the gap. It’s even possible to revive teammates while blocking with the shield. Second, don’t forget you can throw the shield once by pressing L1/LB. And finally, each kill with the shield triggers health regen, so don’t be afraid to jump into a group of enemies for a beatdown!


5. Class Gear

Each class in the beta has access to three different sets of armor. Along with the starting set you have once you create your character, there’s a Strike specific set plus one exclusive to the Crucible. Prepare to spend a bit of time in both activities if you want to fully complete your set!

There’s three Exotic guns available in the beta, each one picked up during the opening campaign mission. Titans get the Sweet Business chaingun, Hunters get the Sunshot hand cannon, and Warlocks get the Riskrunner SMG.


6. The Main Ingredient is Amazing

One of the best Power weapons in the beta is the Fusion Rifle. This thing is like Saladin’s Vigil on steroids. This fusion rifle offers six shots per heavy ammo pickup. And unlike the grenade launcher, which is somewhat unreliable, the Main Ingredient absolutely melts players. The range and damage are ridiculous!

If you manage to get your hands on one, don’t let the fact that it’s a Fusion Rifle cause you to shelve it. Spend a game or two using it and you won’t look back!


7. Pulse Rifles For The Win

There’s a lively discussion going on over at the CruciblePlaybook regarding which weapons are “meta in the beta.” It would seem that pulse rifles are definitely leading the pack, and it’s no surprise why.

The Nightshade kinetic pulse is absolutely top tier. If you were a fan of the Hawksaw or PDX-45 from D1 you will feel right at home using this gun. I’m almost going to be sad to lose it once the beta is over. And if you haven’t managed to score a Nightshade as of yet, the secondary void pulse rifle from Omolon, the Full Auto Nergal PR4 is an excellent option as well.

Auto rifles and hand cannons seem to be in a decent spot as well, especially the Scathelocke auto rifle and the Minuet-42 hand cannon.


8. Unfinished Nessus ‘Lost Sector’

The same day that the beta launched on PS4, players started to discover a way to glitch into a Lost Sector area from the Inverted Spire. I first spotted this over on Reddit just a couple of hours after the beta went live. It’s pretty interesting despite the fact the area isn’t finished, and doesn’t reward anything.

There’s even a few new enemies to be found in there. If you’re curious as to how to access the area and what’s inside it, this thread explains it in detail.


9. Quick Search

If you’re looking to get back into the action as quickly as possible, @T1gigz has you covered!