tower vendor recommendations

Tower Vendor Recommendations

The Wounded Pros – High stability, range, and reload speed. Neutral – Average aim assist. Cons – Below average mag size. Recommended Perks Reflex Explosive Rounds, High Caliber Rounds Triple Tap, Outlaw, Perfect Balance, Smallbore, Third Eye, Unflinching Hidden Hand, Crowd Control, Zen Moment, Firefly Recommended Vendor Perks Reflex Explosive Rounds Triple Tap Crowd Control If you’ve never been a fan of scout rifles, this one may change your mind. Its ability to kill with two crit and two body shots is just fantastic. On top of that, in PvE there are almost no drawbacks to using it – especially

gunsmith armsday

Armsday Roll Recommendations

Arminius-D Relentless Tracker – Feeding Frenzy – Snapshot / Braced Frame / Speed Reload Hot Swap – Counterbalance – Snapshot / Smallbore / Fitted Stock Crowd Control – Feeding Frenzy – Snapshot / Smallbore / Hand Loaded This is one of the rolls we’ve been waiting for. Hot Swap and Counterbalance are pretty much the best perks you can ask for in their slots, and Smallbore is a decent stat increase to round this gun out. This archetype in particular really needs Counterbalance, so we heavily recommend picking up this roll while it’s here SUROS DIS-43 Appended Magazine / Hammer

gunsmith armsday

Armsday Roll Recommendations

SUROS ARI-45 Feather Mag / High Caliber Rounds – Snapshot / Smallbore – Outlaw Appended Magazine / Perfect Balance – Snapshot / Hand-laid Stock – Partial Refund Feather Mag / Fitted Stock – Snapshot / Rifled Barrel – Rangefinder None of these rolls are very compelling, so we’re recommending you wait until next week. You’ll want a perk like Hand-Laid Stock to pair with Hidden Hand or Feeding Frenzy for better results in PvP or PvE, respectively. TUONELA SR4 Triple Tap – Rifled Barrel / Quickdraw – Third Eye / Eye of the Storm Triple Tap – Hand-laid Stock /

trials of osiris weekly update

Burning Shrine Trials Tips

Movement and positioning is everything, but communication goes hand in hand. Be sure to agree on a set of callouts and constantly narrate what you or the enemy is doing at all times. Letting a teammate know that someone is going through the hallway on their left might be the key to winning a round. [divider] Tips Choke Points These are the spots on the map that see the most action. Good players will know to check these spots constantly, but also use other paths to get to their targets. The paths are straightforward on Shrine – watch out for

gunsmith armsday

Armsday Recommendations

Thesan FR4 Grenadier – Quickdraw / Injection Mold – Unflinching / Danger Close Grenadier – Lightweight / Hand-Laid Stock – Rangefinder / Danger Close Hot Swap – Lightweight / Oiled Frame – Unflinching / Surrounded Roll #2 will max out your stability while making up for some of the range loss with Rangefinder. This is the ideal setup for the Thesan, although it’s too bad #2 doesn’t have Hot Swap – that would be perfect. Lyudmila-D Last Resort – Unflinching – Snapshot / Speed Reload / Injection Mold Headseeker – Rodeo – High Caliber Rounds / Speed Reload / Injection Mold Crowd

Adept Exotics, Energy Armor, Sandbox Changes

All aboard the Dreadnaught, where glamorous guardians showed off some new fashion for another Bungie reveal stream. He was joined by Artist Ian McIntosh and Designer Josh Hamrick to talk about the raid armor, elemental primaries, and sandbox changes. Primary Focus Elemental raid primaries will be Adept Exotics, acquired from Weekly Challenge modes. The legendary Kinetic versions will still be obtainable through regular raiding. Necrocasm will be receiving a buff. A cursed thrall explosion will now trigger on any kill, not precision kills. This should make the weapon feel much stronger than its year 1 counterpart. Primaries won’t be the only weapons brought