Best Weapons ‘Within the Meta’

Hawksaw/SUROS PDX-45 With the slight nerf to ultra-high ROF pulse rifles putting them back in line with the old standby that is the Hawksaw/PDX-45, & huge viable range (almost as wide as that of the Clever Dragon and Grasp of Malok), this could be a go-to for every situation. With improved in-air accuracy, the Hawksaw should be even more competitive. SUROS Regime While some initial testing with the SUROS shows it’s not exactly a game-breaker, this gun does seem, well, viable. While I doubt it will have much of a role in competitive games, you should absolutely take a minute

no land beyond review

5 Reasons to Use No Land Beyond

If you’re like me, using the same loadout for an entire night of Crucible carnage is a no-go. There are so many guns in Destiny – why should we limit ourselves to a select few, just because they’re the best in the game? Okay, that’s the reason, but hear me out. No Land Beyond can be one of the most fun weapons in the game. Don’t believe me? Here’s why I almost always have the NLB available at a moment’s notice. You Automatically Un-Sweat The Crucible can be a stressful place. That’s especially true these days, with a meta that’s in

Randomizing The Crucible Experience

Perfectly average Guardian here, reporting in with some thoughts about my triumphant return to Destiny, after spending almost three weeks away. I’ve been around since House of Wolves, and wanted to explore some other games. I played some Titanfall. I played some Dishonored. Overwatch too. I didn’t miss that feeling of forgetting to use a Three of Coins before every match and wondering which sadist had that brilliant idea in the first place. But I came back. I came back for 3 Days of Crucible, and decided that I would play every game using a random loadout, in order to get the full range of

Range, Accuracy, Aim Assist, & Stability

Range When you use a perk that directly affects range (like Rifled Barrel or Hammer Forged) there are three things that change Damage Falloff Distance – Distance and rate at which the weapon longer does its maximum damage. Aim Assist Falloff Distance – Distance and rate at which the aim assist loses effectiveness. Accuracy Cone (error angle) – Physical size of the crosshairs when ADS. Determines the maximum angle a shot could deflect from center when leaving the barrel of the weapon. Increasing range narrows the crosshairs, thus decreasing the diameter of the accuracy cone. [divider] Accuracy Perks like Persistence, Eye

rise of iron best artifact

The Best Artifact for Every Situation

Rise of Iron Artifact Review Now that we’ve had a chance to look at all eight of the new Iron Lord Artifacts, we can start putting together initial reviews of their individual strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also go over the best activities to use them in, and most importantly – what you should be equipping and when. If your list looks slightly different, that’s okay! The Destiny community is still growing comfortable with Destiny’s new meta, so there’s still plenty of time to sharpen your tactics in both PVE and PVP. Remember, even if you only have one Iron Lord artifact…use

Arthurian Parallels in the Rise of Iron

Arthurian Parallels in the Rise of Iron

Once upon a time, the Arthurian parallels found in Destiny were subtle: world-building elements such as setting forth on quests while mounted atop our steeds (Sparrows), or the Questing Beast auto rifle (an allusion to T.H. White’s Once and Future King), or the “Chanson de Geste” shader (literally a “song of deeds;” a list of a knight’s successes), or even that Oryx’s dreadnought had its roots in medieval cathedral architecture. If you’re interested in some in-depth notes on these links, you can read about them here. In Rise of Iron, Bungie went out of their way to make those references

Asylum Trials Tips

Asylum has been one of the fastest paced trials maps so far. Many encounters come down to gunskill alone and there are just a couple of doorways separating the spawns. [divider] Asylum Tips Choke Points Doorways are everywhere, each one of them providing the opportunity to pinch the enemy, or cut them off with grenades. This worked from both sides, giving both teams an opportunity to close enemies out of B flag and defend that area. My team found rushing and pushing into B flag was the quickest way to shut down and demoralise an enemy team; grenading the doorways and