New HD Images & Enemy Trailers

Check out the new enemy trailers as well as a load of new HD screenshots featured in the gallery below. [toggle title=”Fallen Enemy Trailer” state=”close” ] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Vex Enemy Trailer” state=”close” ] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Cabal Enemy Trailer” state=”close” ][/toggle] [toggle title=”Hive Enemy Trailer” state=”close” ] [/toggle]

Destiny’s Activity Structure Explained

One of Bungie’s lead designers on Destiny, Luke Smith, commented on a Neogaf thread in response to the leaked alpha gameplay. His comment helps clarify the way in which Destiny is broken down into different activities. [divider] Luke Smith’s Post: There’s a lot of confusion here, and we haven’t done the best job ever of explaining the game or its structure. I’m Luke, and I’m one of the lead designers on Destiny. First, Destiny is structured into Activities. We’ve attempted to build a suite of activities that can suit a variety of moods (I want something challenging! I want to

More Destiny Magazine Reviews

AgriosEndendros on the Destiny subreddit collected some interesting tid bits from magazines who had played Destiny. Here are some of the fun quotes he pulled out. [divider] Official Xbox Magazine – Destiny Hands-on – July 2014 [1] Ghosts have skill trees, along with every other piece of armor and equipment. “Armor designs range from holographic plating to straight-up Viking-style armor.” On Supers: “Warlocks can open a mini-black hole in the middle of a firefight or simply blast enemies with a massive dose of energy.” On Primary, Special, and Heavy guns: “The names are pretty self-explanatory, though the divisions among them aren’t

Weekly Update 5.30.2014

You can read the Weekly Update here, or on [divider] This week at Bungie, we trained rigorously for a vital mission. There I was, leading a Fireteam in a live fire exercise. I strode the floor behind my six Guardians with nervous hands clasped behind my back. They were my charge. My orders were to mentor them as weapons of light. It was my responsibility to guide them into battle and return them safely to orbit with the bounties of victory clutched in their bloody fists. Only that wasn’t happening. My people were getting their armored asses kicked. Deadly,

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Weekly Update 5.23.14

You can also read the Weekly Update on Bnet. [divider] This week at Bungie, we stand on a sandy coastline to contemplate the seven seas. “It’s like building a wall to hold back a tsunami.” Zach Russell has a far off look in his eyes. On the Bungie org chart, his title is “The Ringmaster.” Today, as I’m sipping my coffee and listening to his wisdom, he’s looking more like the weary fisherman from “The Old Man and the Sea.” Zach’s been spending his days thinking about what happens when hundreds of thousands of gamers come to shore, momentously, exactly

Why Destiny will make you love loot

Hey guys, here is some more awesome Destiny content to pour through if you have the time. I’ll being adding any other new pieces of media that come out today to this post. Articles EuroGamer: How Destiny turns into Diablo when you hit level cap. Polygon: The 10 Key Questions [divider] Why Bungie’s epic shooter will make you love loot Playstation: The Access Q&A – All YOUR questions answered MoreConsole: Gold Tier Missions Destiny Strike Gameplay – Rewind Theater