Weekly Update 5.30.2014

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This week at Bungie, we trained rigorously for a vital mission.

There I was, leading a Fireteam in a live fire exercise. I strode the floor behind my six Guardians with nervous hands clasped behind my back. They were my charge. My orders were to mentor them as weapons of light. It was my responsibility to guide them into battle and return them safely to orbit with the bounties of victory clutched in their bloody fists.

Only that wasn’t happening. My people were getting their armored asses kicked. Deadly, white-hot energy flew through the air and landed at their feet. Machines built for combat ran them down like hapless pedestrians lost in the pen of a demolition derby. I watched in helpless horror as well-aimed firepower took them off their feet.

“Use those super abilities, people! They are your finest weapon. I see a lot of you holding them in reserve!”

Just over the top of their monitors, I could see the smug grin of the opposing Fireteam leader. We made brief eye contact as our teams battled for glory and honor. Our enemies on this mission were not hostile aliens of mysterious origin. We were fighting other Guardians. The deadliest combatants in the world of Destiny were now gunning for us, and they were winning.

My counterpart gloated, fully aware that his coaching would sting our morale.

“That’s what I’m talking about, Guardians! Take from them everything!”

This engagement served a crucial purpose. We were simulating what life will be like for the people who will pay us a visit at E3. A replica of our booth was the setting. The training was not for combat. We know how to play Destiny. The focus of our preparations was to take people who had never tasted the sweetness of Nova energy, and teach them how to be a Guardian over the course of about twenty minutes. That’s our mission.

When you think about a trip to sunny California, your imagination is likely blinded by images of brilliant blue skies. That’s certainly where our mind’s eye looks. In Seattle, direct sunlight and a dry forecast are things that we crave like oxygen for about nine months out of the year. Our local springtime has been a little lazy in blooming. When we tell our friends that we’re headed for Los Angeles, they express their envy.

We are going to Los Angeles, but not to sit in the grass and bask in the rays of the benevolent sphere that hangs in the sky, gifting us with life and light.


We’re going to war.

We’ll spend our days in a hastily constructed arena that will block out the sun. Quite literally, we’ll fight in the shade. We’ll project our likenesses to destinations like the Moon. Perhaps there, we can soak up some rays.

The warriors in this conflict will be old friends and people that we have yet to meet. We’ll welcome them to our party, drop a controller into their eager hands, and tell them what they need to know to survive their first game of Destiny. Their first mission will not be easy. Competitive Multiplayer is one of the most dangerous games that we’re packing into our brave new world.

We’re looking forward to the war stories that erupt from that room. We’re looking forward to you hearing them as they are told. Very soon now, you’ll understand much more about what it means when two teams clash in a battle to identify the baddest Guardian in the Tower.

This is a stand up and fight mission. We’ll lounge in the grass when it’s over.

See you at E3 – along with all the mentors that we’re sending to Los Angeles.

It’s always a pleasure to read through the pages and pages of questions that land on our forum every week. Some of you would have us spoil your favorite discoveries. We can’t abide. If the surface of the Moon had been described to us long ago, would we have built rockets? Maybe, but it’s too risky to fabricate a time machine and go whisper in Armstrong’s ear.

Yet, the conversation must flow. Thus, we will open the Sack.



TTL Sandman: Will Destiny make for a great Friday night drinking game, just like previous Bungie games have?

I was just about to regale you with a war story about old friends who used to pour a shot, set it front of them, and let it taunt them until they had won a game. Only then could it be downed. Not only did this make them fight harder, it ensured some healthy moderation. The more they won, they more they drank. The more they drank, the less they won. The less they won, the less they drank.

As I read your question, I saw the name on the envelope and realized that you were one of those guys. So yeah, Sandy, I can see you playing Friday Night Shots in Destiny.

Another Disclaimer: Drink responsibly, my friends.


c4spammer: Can the Destiny beta work on more than one account if the accounts are on the same console? Please answer – I need to know before it’s too late.

One Beta Code. One Guardian. There can be only one.


Sev XIII: I am stuck between the Hunter and the Warlock. I am interested in the Warlock but the armor shown so far has not grabbed my interest like the Hunter. Is there any way you can give out a picture or two of armor similar to the concept renders shown a couple years back? Aesthetics are extremely important to me and a major titling point in choosing a class.

Why don’t you do the Warlock order a favor and just play as the Hunter. Okay? We’re not hosting an intergalactic fashion show down here. The existence of humanity is at stake! If you cannot devote yourself to walking in the light of the Traveler, you’re not fit to wear our cloaks. So, just go ahead and kit-bash a hazmat suit, drape a cape over your shoulders, and go roam the frontier.


Chickenlord1980: Are there going to be any moments in Destiny where my Guardian will ever feel alone?

If that is your destiny.

Everything you do in Destiny will be set in this living, social world. We have, however, created spaces where you’ll be able to experience your adventure all by yourself.


Ninpire: At E3 can we see an in-game area other than Old Russia?

Yes. I’ve seen an early cut of the media. Even not in their final form, these explosive tours of our solar system have stirred my inner fanboy.


OutHouse: Are there any limitations to how often we can run a strike?

The only limitation is you. How quickly do you think you can infiltrate an enemy stronghold and kill the boss that defends the rewards that you so richly deserve?


This time next week, we’ll be braced for takeoff.