Iron Banner Armor

If you missed the Iron Banner events that took place earlier today, fear not because Bungie has announced that the Iron Banner will also be open tomorrow (Sunday), 7/20 at 2PM and 7PM (PST). In the meantime, here are some awesome screenshots falconbox posted on reddit of the Iron Banner Titan gear. Beautifully crafted indeed. For a deeper look at the goodies you’ll receive, watch this video:

The Beta is Live!

Playstation users, why are you here? You should be playing the Destiny beta right now. Although in all seriousness, the beta has officially launched and is ready for you to explore. After you download the beta (14.3 GB, Codes here)  make sure to delve deep into the world of Destiny. If you’re unsure of where to begin, I recommend blasting your way through the story mode to give you some insight into Destiny’s lore. Or maybe you’re the competitive type, in which case you may want to jump right into the Crucible for some PvP madness. [divider] Helpful Links In

Everything You Need to Know About the Beta

With the Destiny Beta launching on July 17th for Playstation users and on July 23rd for Xbox users, it would be useful to know what you are getting yourself into. Check out MoreConsole’s informative summary of everything you need to know about the Beta. You can also read Bungie’s beta FAQ here. IGN | 7 Secrets Bungie Doesn’t Want You to Miss in the Beta

How to Stream Beta Gameplay from Consoles

Bungie just released this informative guide for those of you looking to stream or share your beta gameplay. [divider] The Destiny Beta launches on July 17th. It’s almost time to share your experiences in the wild with your fans and followers from around the globe. Following these easy steps to stream and share your Destiny gameplay and become legend! Streaming from a PlayStation 4 game console: The PS4 system allows you to quickly and easily broadcast your Destiny adventures via Twitch or USTREAM following these simple steps: 1.      While playing Destiny, press the SHARE button on your DualShock 4 controller.

Weekly Update 7.11.14

Sorry for this being a little late, but you can read this week’s Bungie update below or on Also included is gameplay of the competitive multiplayer map First Light, located on the moon. [divider] Just like the Beta, this coverage will become more elaborate the more time you spend with it. When you’re marshaling thousands of gamers to the front line of a theoretical battle, you don’t have to ask questions. They find you. Instead of a proper Mail Sack, we’ve channeled the loudest and most frequent voices from the community this week. Let’s open… this. Will you release more

Happy Bungie Day!

Well it’s finally 7.7.14 which can only mean one thing..It’s Bungie Day! For those of you who aren’t familiar, Bungie has a healthy obsession with the number 7 which makes today a special day. This is your chance to give a big thank you to the team who has been working so hard to bring you Destiny. Keep your eyes peeled to as well as Bungie’s social media outlets for more interesting news. Also check out IGN at 9:00am PT for more Destiny reveals. We’re back in Washington from our voyage to #RTX2014 and prepping deployments for Bungie Day. Goodnight,

Grimoire Cards Explained

Do you know what Grimoire cards are? No? Well then check out MoreConsole’s latest video explaining this key element to understanding the Destiny universe. If you weren’t a part of the Destiny Alpha, you missed out on the Alpha website, which was presumably just a taste of the experience we’ll have during the final release of the game.