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AgriosEndendros on the Destiny subreddit collected some interesting tid bits from magazines who had played Destiny. Here are some of the fun quotes he pulled out.


Official Xbox Magazine – Destiny Hands-on – July 2014 [1]

  • Ghosts have skill trees, along with every other piece of armor and equipment.
  • “Armor designs range from holographic plating to straight-up Viking-style armor.”

  • On Supers:

    “Warlocks can open a mini-black hole in the middle of a firefight or simply blast enemies with a massive dose of energy.”

  • On Primary, Special, and Heavy guns:

    “The names are pretty self-explanatory, though the divisions among them aren’t particularly rigid. You might find assault rifles and shotguns within all three categories, for example; they’ll simply possess different attributes.”

  • “As your Guardian levels up, you’ll be able to unlock the next ability in any given category. For example, you can eventually upgrade the Hunter’s double jump to a short range teleportation ability, but regardless of whether or not you pursue this skill, teleportation is always the final iteration in a linear sequence of upgrades. It’s possible other upgrade options will branch more, but at first glance, Destiny’s progression system seems to ask you what to upgrade but not how to upgrade it specifically.”

NAG Magazine(South African) – Destiny Hands-on – June 2014 [2]

  • “If you’re not happy with the weapons you chose in your original loadout, you can change them dynamically within the round, but beware, because you will suffer a penalty, such as loss of ammo. Each weapon is also completely customisable, upgrading according to accuracy, handling, or special upgrades such as incendiary rounds for example.”

  • “Armour is also completely customisable, and in fact is distinguished by the ways in which the player levels up. Even high level players will probably not end up looking the same in terms of armour, because diversity is key to the design and consequently this is dependent on the way the player levels up.”

  • “Although no indication has been given as yet as to how revival works in solo mode, in cooperative modes a ghost sphere will mark the location of your fallen teammate.”

Play 4 Magazine(German) – Destiny Hands-on – June 2014 [3] 

Special thanks to /u/Fuzzle_hc [4] for translation help.

  • Hunters can kill enemies without being detected
  • “When starting a mission you can only activate a certain set of skills [inside your focus], example of choosing between staying longer midair or being able to get camouflage for a short time.”

  • “The strength of your character is not only defined by the unlocked abilities, but every piece of gear and weapon have a level requirement your character has to match and additionally there are many small modifications, that could for example decrease the recoil or increase the firing rate.”

  • “Some higher tier gear or weapons have additionally two skill trees in which new upgrades can be unlocked by getting kills with that weapon. What these upgrades will do exactly is unknown at this point – most likely one of the trees will increase primarily its accuracy while the other skill tree is focusing on the damage upgrades.”

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