Leviathan’s Breath: Exotic Quest Guide

At reset, we got access to our first Heavy Exotic Bow, Leviathan’s Breath. This is the first Exotic quest we’ve had in Season of the Undying, and unlike some previous exotic quests, this one is short and sweet. Below, we’ll list the steps needed to get Leviathan’s Breath. If you’d rather watch a video on the quest, check out our video guide here. You can also check out our review of the new exotic here.

Is Crucible Balanced?

Published on: Sep 29, 2014 @ 16:31 To burn away your impurities, to strengthen you, to arm you with the skills to conquer the Darkness. This is the true purpose of the Crucible. Live fire contests against your fellow Guardians test you to your utmost limits.[divider] Level Advantages When level advantages are disabled… What doesn’t carry over (normalized): Base defense Base weapon attack What does carry over: Weapon progression (including damage bonuses) Armor progression (including defense bonuses) Abilities Stat upgrades, progression This means that even though they are on relatively equal starting ground. A Level 20+ will have an advantage over a level

Destiny’s Story – Deception?

Published on: Sep 28, 2014 @ 12:35 The story of Destiny is one that you create, and each individual mission is a story within itself. Bungie has built an enormous world with deep lore that they don’t necessarily want you discovering all of within a matter of only days. Destiny is simply a palette for guardians to adventure and explore. Even with this enigmatic setting, though, you still find a story unfolding. Killworthy Gaming, now partnered with DestinyNews.net (soon to be PlanetDestiny.com), has an excellent overview of Destiny’s story so far. Video: The Story so Far [divider] A Theory As we

Destiny Sells Over $500 Million Day One

According to an Activision Blizzard press release, Destiny grossed over $500 million on day one of release. [divider] Bobby Kotick, Activision Blizzard’s CEO stated: “Based on extraordinary audience demand, retail and first party orders worldwide have exceeded $500 million for Destiny. This industry milestone marks another blockbuster success for our company and demonstrates our unique ability to create some of the most successful entertainment franchises in the world. The success of Destiny, along with the recent introduction of Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone, is further validation of our unique capabilities to create great entertainment franchises from the ground up.” Source A great success indeed!

Buy Last-gen Get Next-gen Free

Published on: Sep 5, 2014 @ 15:21 Bungie has announced an amazing deal today for all those looking to go digital. For a limited time, when you buy last-gen digital Destiny content, get the next-gen digital version for FREE. Until January 15th, 2015, if you digitally purchase the base game, Digital Guardian Edition, or  expansion pass for PS3 or Xbox360, you can then download the next-gen version of that absolutely free. This is done via a cross-buy like method, with the free upgrades available only on the same account as the original purchases. The official information and FAQ about this offer

Expansion Content (NEW Raids, Exotics)

Published on: Sep 4, 2014 @ 21:33 This article was published before the game was released, and is now outdated! Click here to see the updated article! This article will unveil all of the expansion content that we currently know about, which is coming with the Dark Below and House of Wolves. The Dark Below DLC releases this December! To see in-game screenshots of Dark Below exotics, click here. [divider] New Areas Revealed Video: Guide to entering Traitor’s Ketch Video: New area in The Dark Below Video: Preview of The Hypogeum Video: Terminus Ghost Locations [divider] Expansion Content A bug has revealed expansion content in-game

How Destiny DLC and Exclusives Work Cross-gen

Gamescom brought a substantial amount of new info about Destiny, including new trailers and interviews. Still, with the all of the new boundaries that Destiny is pushing, Bungie has many questions left to answer. One of the subjects they have been talking more about are their earliest expansions, which are already available for pre-order and bundled with some editions of the game. The Dark Below The Dark Below is the first of the two DLCs announced for Destiny, the other being The House of Wolves. They are $19.99 individually or found together in the expansion pass, available for $34.99 or

More Gamestop Exclusives?

According to a Reddit post from an alleged Gamestop employee, it was announced today in a manager’s meeting for Activision games that if you pre-order the new Call of Duty: Advance Warfare when you pick up Destiny, you’ll get an exclusive black & gold shader. The Redditor seems reliable based on his history but says an official announcement won’t happen until 8/28/14. A local Gamestop was unable to verify but didn’t deny the possibility. Shaders are in-game items used to change the color of the armor your Guardians are wearing. They come in many combinations and can be gained a