New Fan Art Contest

Featured image by Quinlansepter

If you’ve been on recently, you may have seen the fan art contest started by Progo. So if you have been waiting to showcase your special artistic talent, now is your chance to shine.

Check out Progo’s forum post here, but the contest details are also pasted below. Enjoy!


Contest Details

Memories are important, but sometimes things are lost in the dusk of time. Only the wasted remains of Humanity stand memorial to our Golden Age. In honor of this history, I announce the Memorial Day Art Contest.

The theme:
In any visual medium, display the forgotten cities or landscapes of Destiny. Some examples would be a crashed colony ship in Siberia, a half-buried outpost on Mars, or the moss filled alleys of a Venusian metropolis. Bonus points if these vistas are occupied by Guardians or Aliens, or both.

There is an alternate theme, for those of you who are daunted by the idea of painting a landscape (which I know isn’t everyone’s cup of tea). Portray what you imagine a game of “GhostBall” would look like, the winner of this theme will receive a $7.77 Amazon prize.
What’s GhostBall? Think Grifball, only Destiny. The rest is up to you.

Monday, May 26th. The winner will be chosen on Tuesday.

The Prize:
The Bungie Store is currently out of stock for almost everything Destiny related, so if that situation does not resolve soon, the winner will receive a digital prize of approximately $20. The medium is the choice of the winner, it can be a PS+ card code, Xbox Live, points, Steam credits, an Amazon gift code, etc.

2nd and 3rd place prizes will be announced if I can find sponsors for them. (want to sponsor a small digital gift? PM me!)

Please link your image in a comment on this thread, submissions by private message will be disqualified, it’s hard to keep track of who submitted what when I need to go way back into my PM history.

If you used photo manipulation/Base-Layer references, please credit your sources in your submission comment.

All submissions must be Safe For Work, and not surpass the anticipated Mature 17+ rating for Destiny. Keep it clean, keep it classy.

Also, I noticed some confusion after my last art contest, I do not own the work that you submit, I’m not buying it in any way by giving you a prize, it belongs entirely to you and Bungie, not me.
I’m just a host 🙂

The Panel of Judges will be announced later.