Destiny Media Dump

The site update has left us with a lot of new media and a lot of new questions. Luckily for us, reddit user Fuzzie_hc was awesome enough to compile all of the various media found on the site and post it in one place.

Also stay tuned for more analysis videos that will be surfacing from the amazing Destiny youtube community. If more things are found, I’ll update this post.

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Next Monday

Bungie was even kind enough to tweet out a teaser that is sure to get your hopes up for next Monday.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 4.23.28 PM


Media Gallery Below (Click a thumbnail to open gallery)


Collection of Gifs (Separated for convenience):

Choose your guardian 

Study your enemies

Explore what awaits

Join the beta

Titan idle aim

Warlock idle aim

Hunter idle aim

Fallen Captai idle

Hive Thrall idle

Vex Goblin idle

Cabal idle


Guardian Class Trailers

Warlock Trailer

[yframe url=’′]

Titan Trailer

[yframe url=’’]

Hunter Trailer

[yframe url=’’]