Destiny Action Figures & More

Thanks to – they let us know that ThreeA, one of the companies who has made Halo Action Figures in the past, just announced 1/6 scale Destiny Action Figures! Unfortunately no previews or other details are known at this point. [divider] There’s a few Destiny-themed Lego’s in the works from  Brickinator99 also has an entire collection of Destiny Lego figures, armor and weapons, which you can buy here. [divider] Finally, there’s been a lot of cool fan-made Destiny creations submitted recently, varying from cosplay armor to 3D printed Ghosts. Check these out!

Firestream Guardian Wallpapers

The ever talented fan-artist Firestream, just released a Destiny Titan wallpaper for you to use to your hearts content. The reason the title says “Wallpapers” is because Firestream noted that he plans to make similar wallpapers for both the Warlock and the Hunter. I’ll add the new ones to this post when they become available. Check out more of Firestream’s artwork on his site. [divider] More Destiny Wallpapers For more awesome Destiny wallpapers, be sure to check out our Wallpapers page here on [button color=”white” size=”big” link=”” ]Click here for more Destiny Wallpapers[/button]  

Cosplays and Fan Art

I recently came across this French Destiny News twitter and found their collection of fan art to be great! I pulled out some of the cooler pieces and put them below. Enjoy! [divider] Source: Kimihiro-kun [divider] Artist: Irish Liberty Artist: Jorge Jacinto Artist: huusenuri Artist: Ben Fishcher Artist: Ryan Ritterbusch Artist: RLyons

New Fan Art Contest

Featured image by Quinlansepter If you’ve been on recently, you may have seen the fan art contest started by Progo. So if you have been waiting to showcase your special artistic talent, now is your chance to shine. Check out Progo’s forum post here, but the contest details are also pasted below. Enjoy! [divider] Contest Details Memories are important, but sometimes things are lost in the dusk of time. Only the wasted remains of Humanity stand memorial to our Golden Age. In honor of this history, I announce the Memorial Day Art Contest. The theme: In any visual medium, display

Community Creations

We’ve got a lot of talented artists in our community, and I’d like to share a few creations our members have contributed!   A Legends End by SkydexKiwi     The Hunter by Self Destruct     Warlock and his Ghost by SkydexKiwi     Flow by RemoteCrab131       In addition to graphics, some of our members have written short stories and fan fiction.   Combative Compatriots by Italianos //time:4:30/tower time Today is the day that we fight, fight them. Those disgusting freaks following their “king” just like The Hive! Unbelievable. No worries. Today is the day it all changes. The