Community Creations

We’ve got a lot of talented artists in our community, and I’d like to share a few creations our members have contributed!


A Legends End by SkydexKiwi




The Hunter by Self Destruct




Warlock and his Ghost by SkydexKiwi




Flow by RemoteCrab131





In addition to graphics, some of our members have written short stories and fan fiction.


Combative Compatriots by Italianos

//time:4:30/tower time

Today is the day that we fight, fight them. Those disgusting freaks following their “king” just like The Hive! Unbelievable. No worries. Today is the day it all changes. The day that we hit them hard, and hit them low. There has been a lull from our enemies. The Guardian Consulate hasn’t been active enough with their missions. Now it is time to strike. The “king”, the fool, tried ordering the ‘Seven’ around. He tried taking our territory. He tried stomping on us. We used his attack to make him thing he’d won. But now, it is time. The Seven have voted. It is decided. We initiate it all tonight whilst they feast. The Cult was nice enough to provide us some intel, and our scouts had confirmed. They are not ready. We have been planning, waiting, and training.

4 hours later

//time:7:35pm/tower time.

A stranger approaches their main house and hands the guard a note. It is time. All teams are in position. The clouds block the sun as if the Traveler had blessed this mission itself. As the phony King reads the letter, his chalice drops and hits the ground. This was the signal. Suddenly, a young man nearby yells, “Death to New Monarchy!”

And so it began.


Ghosts and Echoes by roland



Twitter: @AIStrauss

Summary: Transmissions from Golden Age artificial intelligence Strauss provide a scattered history of Lord Gheritt, Marcus Whitesides, Virginia Dare, and a host of other characters including Strauss himself. Set in the science-fiction world of the video game Destiny, Strauss provides us with details of mankind’s Golden Age, the events that led up to the Collapse, and the characters that will lead mankind to the stars once again. Ghosts and Echoes is produced by fans of Bungie and the Destiny universe and is in no way affiliated with Bungie Studios. Ghosts and Echoes is a production of the Guardians of Destiny, which can be heard weekly on the Guardian Radio podcast on iTunes.



To check out more, sign onto the forums and check out the Guardian Creations section.

Thanks to all of our members for providing the amazing content!