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Trials of Osiris (House of Wolves)

Updated on: Mar  1, 2015 @ 9:42 The Trials of Osiris is a Crucible mode set on The Burning Shrine, Mercury. It is here where you’ll be able to complete the “An Unknown Patron” Exotic bounty. It’s worth noting that the Eye of Osiris Emblem is the only Exotic Emblem in the game. Other ToS emblems include the Legendary Sun and Moon, and the rare Prince Sigil. The Eye is at least one of the Osiris’ shaders. [divider] Like the Iron Banner, level advantages are enabled! [divider]Gaining Access The Trials of Osiris will only take place on The Burning Shrine. As we can see from the description of the Osiris Coin,

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Xûr, Agent of the Nine

Published on: Jul 26, 2014 @ 10:12 Xûr, Agent of the Nine is an ally that can only be described as a black market figure, selling extremely rare and useful items. As we can see from many of the Exotic quality pieces of equipment, Xûr plays an important role in acquiring these items. While some Exotics are earned randomly in PvE/PvP, and others through their respective Exotic Bounty, the only way we can purchase Exotics is through Xûr when he arrives in the Tower (Fri-Sun). We have an in-depth text/video review for all the Exotic weapons! Xûr sells objects of legendary power. He accepts his own currency, in

Destiny Focus: The Halo Influence

You can take the Bungie out of Halo, but you’ll never take the Halo out of Bungie. The Halo series will always be one of Bungie’s most crowning achievements regardless of future successes. This was a group of games that not only revolutionized an entire game genre, but also provided us with a science-fiction epic that spanned all manners of media, even coming within a fraction of finally being recognized on the big screen. But although Halo physically lives on in the grateful grasp of 343 industries, its legacy is something that will forever remain encased within the walls of

Will Destiny Be Competitive?

If I had a dollar for every time I saw that question being asked, I’d have enough money to buy the Ghost edition. Destiny is just in its infancy right now, and until we have access to the full version of the game, it’s not really fair to make bold statements about Destiny’s ability to join in the competitive scene. Destiny will be competitive if the community wants it to, and as long as there’s enough that do, it inevitably will be. The following video is not one we endorse, or agree with, but wanted to rebut. The following video

Destiny Focus: Tricks of the Trade

By now, you may have sampled much of what the Destiny Beta has to offer. Old Russia is no longer an uncharted, desolate wasteland, rather it’s your own personal stomping ground in the never-ending quest to find the best loot that the game has to offer. You’ve killed Riksis the Devil Archon, Sepiks Prime and the Devil Walker several times over, whilst dancing over their defeated corpses without hesitation. You’ve been killed after driving a Shrike off a cliff, been vaporised by an Ogre’s face-blast and even torn asunder by a Hallowed Knight, and inevitably, you’ve been left wanting more.

Destiny Focus: You Beta Believe It

Perhaps it was inevitable that the Destiny Beta would play havoc with the PlayStation Network. After all, a stiff breeze is usually enough to take down PSN for an entire afternoon. But after much persistence and a bit of luck, I made it through the storm and came out on the other side in one piece, my Beta now downloading at a slow but bearable pace. And as the concept art showcase that accompanied the download faded to black, the Destiny Beta had a last breathed into life, my nine day holiday in the clutches of Bungie’s shared-world shooter now

Destiny Focus: The Alpha

The Destiny alpha disappeared almost as quickly as it had arrived. After three days caught in the clutch of competitive multiplayer, the cooperative campaign and simply wandering the wastes aimlessly, I was ready for more, with the prospect of waiting for the beta seeming absolutely torturous. But as the wrought iron doors of Old Russia closed once again, our collective time had ended, the alpha now a mere memory that served only to tell us what we already knew; that Destiny, is something special. The Multiplayer For three days, I immersed myself completely in Bungie’s technologically decadent universe, not once

Venus Locations and the Reef

The recent E3 Gameplay Experience Trailer featured a map with some familiar and not-so familiar locations in Destiny. Specifically, more light has been shed on “The Reef” location as well as the playable locations on Venus. Venus         Earth         The Tower         Moon         Mars         The Reef The Reef looks to be spaceship wasteland and debris field located in the asteroid belt. The Reef also has a ruling Queen who some believe to be this woman pictured at 6:27 in the experience trailer.