Will Destiny Be Competitive?


If I had a dollar for every time I saw that question being asked, I’d have enough money to buy the Ghost edition. Destiny is just in its infancy right now, and until we have access to the full version of the game, it’s not really fair to make bold statements about Destiny’s ability to join in the competitive scene. Destiny will be competitive if the community wants it to, and as long as there’s enough that do, it inevitably will be.

The following video is not one we endorse, or agree with, but wanted to rebut. The following video has so much misinformation and is filled with ignorant statements, it’s hard to even finish it.

His points why Destiny won’t be competitive:

  • “Not a 60 fps game”

FPS is the majority of his argument, and he talks about it for about 3 minutes. He says that “COD and pretty much every other FPS runs at a bare minimum of 60 FPS.” Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4 weren’t 60 FPS, and were obviously all extremely competitive games within MLG. He goes on to say that professional players (Halo players excluded presumably) will “hate” Destiny’s PvP because it’s not 60 FPS and therefore will refuse to play it competitively.

He also makes an absurd assumption that because the PvE aspect of Destiny is going to be vast and awesome, that less attention will be paid towards PvP. He says “In COD, PvP is the main focus and the campaign is an afterthought.” We know from Bungie’s record with Halo, PvP will have plenty of focus in Destiny, while still maintaining and updating the PvE.


  • “Limited in your movements, not able to move ridiculously fast”

I really have no idea what he means by this. The only example he gives is not being able to “360 quickscope while sprinting.” Maybe he just needs to increase his controller sensitivity? In Destiny you’re able to be more mobile than a lot of games, with each of the unique jump abilities. You can also choose to sprint, but of course he knows this.


  • “No perfectly balanced maps and weather”

Since we’ve had access to has such a small number of maps, I’m shocked he even mentioned this. He likely played the Shores of Time on Venus and First Light on the Moon. Perhaps he also played on Blind Watch on Mars and Rusted Lands on Earth during the Iron Banner event. Judging the game from 4 playable maps is just premature. He also says (without any explanation) that it will be unfair if we can’t toggle dynamic weather/time.


ReachForgeNetwork replied to the video saying,

I think that there are far more reasons for Destiny to become more competitive than less competitive as a game. It’s injecting real skill into multiplayer with a radar that forces you to know the maps and won’t give you the exact location of enemies. This makes knowledge a much larger and more obvious part of play. The mobility systems in Destiny and the fact that every weapon is capable of killing quickly at specific ranges is a further reason to believe that it’s more skilled. Mobility powers are actually some of the more important powers in the game IMO. The game’s multiplayer systems require more skill than just twitch shooting and an FTL speed reaction time.


What do you all think? Do you agree or disagree with the video? Do you have an interest in playing competitively? It’s clear he is not adequately knowledgeable with Bungie’s track record with the Halo titles, and prefers COD.