Understanding Destiny

Published on: Sep 17, 2014 @ 15:41 This article by Gamesradar is absolutely wonderful, and is worth reading if you feel that the game is lacking in some way. There’s been a few reviews that have been quick to “score” Destiny, not bothering to even play the raid content first, or the additional modes coming very soon. While it’s understandable that reviewers are just critiquing what they have available to them at that moment, as this article points out, it’s very premature to do so. [divider] There are two games called Destiny around at the moment. Both of them are by Bungie. Both of

Destiny Mysteries: Darkness, Dragons

Published on: Sep 16, 2014 @ 21:08 This article may contain spoilers! Though Destiny’s story might seem shallow on the surface, Destiny actually is surrounded by mystery and lore, and is not as simple as it seems. The playable campaign is of course only the beginning of Destiny’s story. Destiny will be a game available for at least 10 years, and thus will constantly be changing, expanded upon, and improving as time goes on. Through the extensive Grimoire cards, we can shed light on some of Destiny’s mysteries, though none are outright answered. The powers in charge have carved up all


Grimoire: Saturn, Vault of Glass & Mercury

Published on: Sep 14, 2014 @ 20:45 This article has a plethora of Grimoire content that’s not yet available, which may contain spoilers! [divider] Not much is known about Saturn other than what’s on the Grimoire cards. Saturn is likely to be an explorable destination in the future. Saturn is in Destiny’s list of locations, and there’s Grimoire cards for it as well. After doing some digging around in Saturn’s Grimoire code, which technically isn’t available yet, I found the following: Out beyond the Reef its rings shine. Whatever was known of it in the Golden Age is long forgotten, but more

Expansion Content (NEW Raids, Exotics)

Published on: Sep 4, 2014 @ 21:33 This article was published before the game was released, and is now outdated! Click here to see the updated article! This article will unveil all of the expansion content that we currently know about, which is coming with the Dark Below and House of Wolves. The Dark Below DLC releases this December! To see in-game screenshots of Dark Below exotics, click here. [divider] New Areas Revealed Video: Guide to entering Traitor’s Ketch Video: New area in The Dark Below Video: Preview of The Hypogeum Video: Terminus Ghost Locations [divider] Expansion Content A bug has revealed expansion content in-game

Destiny Focus: Fuelling the Adventurer

A lone wanderer dwarfed by the foreign land before him, your Guardian is a vessel for the exploration of this vastly broken world. In Destiny, it’s up to you to find the answers we seek. These are answers about humanities bloody past and its daunting future. These are answers about the fate of earth and its colonies beyond the starts. These are answers about how we’ve arrived at such a perilous juncture, our species now closer to extinction than it has ever been before.  In Destiny, you are the light that will lift the Darkness, the conduit for the truth

Vault of Glass Raid Armor & Weapons

Published on: Aug 29, 2014 @ 22:10 In the latest weekly update, Luke Smith gave us some insight into raid-specific armor sets and weapons. Q: What’s kind of loot will I get in the Raid? A: Each class has an entire set of gear to chase across the two difficulties. And of course, there are Raid weapons. Each of Destiny’s nine weapon archetypes (Auto Rifle, Hand Cannon, Pulse Rifle, Fusion Rifle, HMG, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun and Scout Rifle) has a Legendary version that has been created specifically for the Raid. The armor and weapons are completely unique to the

The Reef

Published on: Aug 26, 2014 @ 15:58 This article may contain spoilers! Update – Reef cutscene: The Reef, in the Asteroid Belt, isn’t a place often discussed by Bungie. The Collapse, caused by the Darkness, left The Reef to deteriorate in the way that it has. We know it’s now shattered and torn apart, filled with debris from ships and ruined structures. This may be another small third-person space, similar to the tower, a sort of social hub. The Reef is home to the Awoken, who fled there after the Collapse. It’s been speculated that Humans fled there during the Collapse, and the Darkness

No Custom Games at Launch?

It doesn’t appear that we’ll be able to have custom matches in Destiny at launch, which worries a lot of people. In a recent interview, Eric Osborne was asked, Will we see more unique modes like races or oddball? EO: “It’s definitely something our team is interested in. Step one for us was to get a really competent game up and running, making sure it was meeting our expectations and all the modes players demand from their shooters. In the future who knows, we’ll be having a lot of fun and there’s plenty of opportunity for us to do new stuff.”