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Lore: The Fallen

Published on: Oct 19, 2014 @ 20:48 Unfortunately much of the game’s lore is hidden within the Grimoire cards. Thanks to Reddit user KentsFood, he’s compiled information & lore about the Fallen (mostly from the Grimoire), which you can read below.[divider] Overview The Fallen are ruthless scavengers. Brutal and uncaring, they arrived on their massive Ketches in the wake of the Collapse to loot and pillage the devastated worlds. There are hints of ancient nobility to the Fallen—the scars of lost grandeur. The Kells of their scattered Houses still claim to be royalty, but they leave only grief and wreckage in

Atheon Controversy

Published on: Oct 18, 2014 @ 18:32 In Bungie’s latest weekly update, they outlined a few changes coming to Destiny. Most of the weapon changes they mentioned have been well received, especially the PvE buff for the Vex Mythoclast, since many people were disappointed when it got such a significant PvE nerf. Bungie stated that the Mythoclast will be “a weapon [people] can continue to rely on in the next Raid, Crota’s End.” What hasn’t been well received is the change to the Atheon encounter in the Vault of Glass.[divider] According to the update: Next week’s Hotfix is going to contain some fixes to

Is That Worth Buying?

If you’re being affected by our cache issue (unable to see newest articles), please read this.   Published on: Oct 17, 2014 @ 5:45 Xûr is in town offering new gear. What’s worth your hard-earned Strange Coins? [divider] Inventory Item Class Subclass Type Strange Coin Truth Any Any Rocket Launcher 17 The Armamentarium Titan Any Chest 13 Achlyophage Symbiote Hunter Gunslinger Helm 13 Light Beyond Nemesis Warlock Any Helm 13 Tip: The Agent is also selling an Exotic Chest engram. Plan on buying The Armamentarium and a Chest Engram? Buy & decrypt the Engram first to avoid a potential duplicate! In addition, Exotic engrams will generally

How to Access Traitor’s Ketch

Published on: Oct 14, 2014 @ 0:40 This article may contain spoilers! Yet another secret area has been found! This area known as Traitor’s Ketch will likely be a mission or strike location in the coming expansion. As we mentioned in this article that showed off a new area for the Dark Below, these DLC locations are not finished and aren’t good for much right now besides exploring and possibly finding Dead Ghosts.[divider] The following video is a guide for accessing this location yourself. The video also gives a great overview of the area and what you can expect to see

Should I buy it?

Published on: Oct 10, 2014 @ 6:16 Xûr is in town offering new gear. What’s worth your hard-earned Strange Coins?[divider] Inventory Item Class Subclass Type Strange Coin Ice Breaker Any Any Sniper Rifle 17 Helm of Inmost Light Titan Striker Helm 13 Lucky Raspberry Hunter Bladedancer Chest 13 Voidfang Vestments Warlock Sunsinger Chest 13 Tip: The Agent is also selling an Exotic Helmet engram. Plan on buying a Helm and a Helm Engram? Buy & decrypt the Engram first to avoid potential duplicates!   [yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=723yaNWysY0′][divider] Weapon Ice Breaker (Sniper Rifle) Not only does the ammo regenerate at a pretty quick rate, but with the Mulligan perk,

Iron Banner… Broken?

Published on: Oct 9, 2014 @ 4:59 Iron Banner started a few days ago as most of you know, and it seems to be facing some issues. Not only are many people speculating that the event is “broken” but it’s also being quit by people who are losing. The latter problem is happening because the Iron Banner does not reward people with any Iron Banner reputation if you lose, which is much worse than the supposed lack of level advantages.[divider] Quitting Penalty? Iron Banner rewards wins with reputation points, which can be used to access unique Legendary gear, which you can view here. When

Destiny Mythbusters

The popular video game Mythbuster series of videos tests the myths and urban legends of popular games. The first episode that focuses on Destiny has some interesting tricks to use in the game, even if their utility is somewhat limited. DefendTheHouse has added Destiny to its long line of quality productions. Specifically, they’ve made one of their archetypal ‘Mythbusters’ episodes to debut the game on their channel. There are so many undiscovered nuances and secrets held within the game’s confines. Video: Destiny Mythbusters Episode 1 [divider] Confirmed or Busted? Here are the myths that get either ‘Confirmed’ or ‘Busted’ in the video: Myth: You can splatter

Boss Rewards

Published on: Oct 4, 2014 @ 13:09 In the recent Dev Notes announcement, Bungie explained that rewards currently don’t feel rewarding enough. Growing more powerful by acquiring new upgrades, gear or progression is central to Destiny’s player experience. Our goal is to always celebrate when this occurs, both as a reward in and of itself and to communicate to players what is going on. What they didn’t mention, which many people feel is an issue, is the fact that bosses don’t even drop loot. [divider]How about boss rewards? Any enemy in Destiny, of any level, is able to drop items or