Venus Locations and the Reef

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The recent E3 Gameplay Experience Trailer featured a map with some familiar and not-so familiar locations in Destiny. Specifically, more light has been shed on “The Reef” location as well as the playable locations on Venus.













The Tower

the tower






the moon











The Reef

Concept artwork titled “The Reef”

The Reef looks to be spaceship wasteland and debris field located in the asteroid belt.

The Reef also has a ruling Queen who some believe to be this woman pictured at 6:27 in the experience trailer.



The Queen of the Reef

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 9.36.07 PM

With some Fallen and an Awoken by her side, it has been confirmed that Guardians can take up bounties from the Queen of the Reef.




Other Locations (yet to be shown)

Saturn’s Rings (Derelict Cassini) 

Artwork titled “Cassini Derelict”






Europa: Jupiter’s moon

Artwork for Jupiter’s (Pictured in the background) moon Europa






Venus Map Locations

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 8.20.58 PM

The experience trailer also gifted us with a more detailed map of Venus locations. Having pushed the humans back to Earth, the Vex have taken control and are roaming Venus’ landscapes and cityscapes.

Below I have tried to match various screenshots and artwork to their most probable Venus locations. Some of this is merely speculation, but are there any locations I missed?

The Cinders?

With boiling hot liquids spewing out of the surface, this could be the location known as “The Cinders”, pictured in this concept art.



Winter’s Lair

No images available

The Terminus?

Photo confirmed to be Venus

The sign on the wall reads “Off-World Transit”. This leads me to believe that this is an abandoned terminal, once used to transport humans to and from Venus.




Endless Steps?

Guardians jumping from step to step

Seen at 5:50 in the Experience trailer, I believe these disappearing steps could be the “greatest challenge” Pete Parson’s was referring to, in order to get access to the Glass Vault.



Ember Caves

No images available

The Citadel

the citadel
Artwork is titled “The citadel”







No images available


No images available 

Waking Ruins

No images available

The Shattered Coast

Artwork is titled “Shattered Coast”. It has since been removed from Bnet.

Possibly seen at 4:00 in the experience trailer