Welcome Our New Writers!

I wanted to thank everyone who applied for the writing positions here at DestinyNews.net. Unfortunately while I couldn’t accept everyone, there may be more spots opening up as we edge closer to Destiny’s release.

In the meanwhile, meet our awesome new writers who love talking Destiny. Their analytical articles will be posted throughout the coming months. I’m so excited to have them aboard.


Meet Medicine Man

My name is Dylan Thomas, I grew up in a town called Bothell just outside of Seattle, where Bungie HQ is. I’ve been a fan of Bungie’s since they made Myth (I didn’t even know Bungie made that game till recently) and of course, I was in awe with Halo the moment I set eyes on it’s game case.

I’ve been following DestinyNews.net ever since Destiny’s reveal, and I haven’t missed a piece of new info since, thanks to Tim. I look forward to analyzing and speculating with fellow fans! Hopefully my ideas aren’t too far fetched for your tastes.



Hi, I’m one of the new writers here at Destinynews.net. I occupy an…unusual…corner here on the internet. I’m a Catholic Jesuit priest who worked in the video game industry back in the late 80s-early 90s and served as an officer in the US Army for quite a while too. I work in a high school in Sydney, Australia and I do a lot of writing for various publications. Mostly, I write about the intersection of faith, culture & technology. I’ve always been a gamer and always will be. I played WoW from 2005 to the present, although I only dabble, these days. (I think Blizzard has dumbed the game down too much, personally, but that’s a long post in and of itself.). I’ve played just about every genre of game out there, but I tend towards FPSs, RPGs, and action games. It’s my goal to look a little deeper into what Bungie is doing with Destiny, to look at the depth of the game and not just the facts being put out by Bungie. That’s because I think Bungie is doing something really interesting with Destiny, and they’re inviting all of us to come along for the next decade or so to see what this thing will look like. So, with apologies to Jay-Z, here we go…

PS- I’d like to thank the incredibly talented INVSMCHN, a regular over on the Bungie forums, for permission to use his re-interpretation of Boba Fett as my avatar. You can see his work here.


Meet Ash

Ashley Kalym is a writer and Personal Trainer who lives in the UK. He enjoys writing about many subjects, including health and fitness, philosophy, video games, and also has a number of novels that are due to be published very soon.

His Amazon author page can be found here; http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B008DVZQW0