Weekly Update 5.16.14

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This week at Bungie, we’re paving the way to E3, and beyond.

This summer, our goal is to put this game into as many hands as we can. After all the talking (and singing and dancing) it’s finally going to be time to play.
The air here is charged with a sense of purpose – not of finality, but inevitability. Every day, another slab of concrete solidifies, and the machine marches inexorable onward.
Every square foot of space is now devoted to these final moments. What was once a place to spar and grapple on a lunch break has become a proving ground for the game itself. (We’ve heard mixed reviews about our efforts to burn back the residual aroma of rage and sweat.) What was once an executive war room is now an arena for brave playtesters. Every hour of every day, someone somewhere – everywhere – is getting Destiny prepped for the days ahead.

Not actual screenshot. Destiny does not take place in modern day Los Angeles… Or does it? No.

Far from the machinations here at the studio, other construction efforts are also underway. In Los Angeles, a Tower is being born. We’ll look out on that idyllic city for a change, and this time some of you will be beside us, not just soaking in the view from the perch, but bolstering our ranks.
Last year at E3, we pulled back the curtain and let you have a look. This year, we’re bringing consoles and controllers and letting you show us what Destiny really has in store for us. This year, it’s your turn to take to the stage.
See you at E3.

The news on display is light this week. What you’re experiencing is the calm before a mighty storm. That doesn’t mean we won’t take a question or seven. Let’s open the Sack.
Vicex  Will there be any forms of crowd control?
Yes! You want to control a crowd? Fill their favorite route with crackling energy. My Warlock can throw an Axion Bolt that lingers after it detonates. That’ll make your commute to your favorite corner of the map a real headache.
Outhouse  Will we be able to walk around without a helm appearing and still gain the bonuses of said helm’s attributes?
A helmet doesn’t do a lot of good if it ain’t on your head. If you want to come face to face with your fellow Guardian, the Tower will be a lovely place to hang out. While you’re there, you can advance your journey toward becoming legend. A public marketplace of vendors will equip you with what you need to become the ultimate badass.
Astro4545  Are we gonna be able to Role Play in Destiny?
That’s a broad question. In essence, the entire act of playing a video game is a role play. In Destiny, we’re casting you in the role of the hero. The best part is that won’t be a predefined character. We’ll be asking you to create him or her for us. You’ll choose their base traits and add to their strengths and their armaments as you overcome the trials of your journey.
Teratagon  If we encounter a bug, or anything that just seems strange during our time playing the Beta, where do we report our findings?
Right here on Bungie.net. If you want to go the extra mile and talk to us about what you saw, how you felt, and how you think Destiny can better, we’ll be listening. This website will be an interesting place to be for more reasons other than feedback, though.
Hylebos  What is the functionality of a Fusion Rifle exactly? Is it a strictly close range weapon or does it have some range to it?
The function of the fusion rifle is to make your opponents dead. That’s how I relate to it, at least. When I need more detailed analysis on how an implement of destruction does its job, I go to Josh Hamrick, one of the resident gunsmiths in our Tower. Here’s what he had to say about the experimental weaponry in your arsenal.
The Fusion Rifle is an energy based weapon that must be charged up to fire.  The charge speed varies per weapon, but in general it makes the weapon significantly slower to fire than a shotgun.  If the user is adept, he can bypass this delay by pre-charging the weapon before acquiring line of sight to his target.
In terms of range, the Fusion Rifle is intended for medium range combat, significantly outpacing a standard shotgun.  While it was not built to handle long range combat, users that can tame its recoil and have a little luck on their side may find themselves picking off targets outside the approved range.
One last thing…
Because the Fusion Rifle uses a pulsing emitter in order to keep heat buildup to a minimum, it actually fires seven distinct beams in very quick succession.  Because of this, users have had luck sweeping the weapon across multiple targets, eliminating all of them with a single fire event.
TomJamesLW  Before we jump into the game’s world for the first time and begin collecting loot, how much will we be able to customize?
The first thing you’ll do in Destiny is create your Guardian. Hunter, Titan, or Warlock? Man or Woman?  Human, Exo, or Awoken? You’ll choose your face, and so much more.
Weapon, armor, and ability customization, however, can only be found in the wild – rewards claimed through action and bravery.
aimbottle  I’m totally excited for this game, so joining the beta seems like the logical thing to do (already got a code from my pre-order). I am also very anxious about spoiling the game by participating in this jolly testing-phase.
You’ll certainly learn a thing or two about your role as a Guardian – and the world you’ll be sworn to protect – in the Beta. We’re going to serve up a huge sampling of fun. Some things will be held back for launch, of course, but your adventure will begin in the Beta. Hope that helps.
AceCat  Can we talk about vehicles? I understand this is first and foremost an FPS, but the variety of the vehicles in a game like Halo made that game awesome while still maintaining a solidly FPS feel. 
You were one of those guys, eh? Couldn’t get a kill without a vehicle? Spent most of your time defending the base so the enemy team couldn’t make off with your beloved ride? All of your finest moments were spent sitting in the seat of your favorite craft?
I was one of those guys, too. There’s a place for us in Destiny.
See you at E3.
Fallenangel02  Can the Bungie gods grant my family access to E3? My wife, daughter, and I live down the road and have never been.
You should start a blog. E3 isn’t impossible to infiltrate. I’m building a posse of community people to help me coach eager gamers into their first suit of armor this year. Think of them as a hybrid of the Peace Corps and the A-Team, only staffed by community. Cool idea, eh? At the end of a long wait in line, I think it’s appropriate that convention-goers are greeted by some of the people who will truly own the game once it’s released.
Sorry I can’t grant you access and that I took your question and used it to geek out about secret battle plans.
Arkadys  I was a COD fan for a long time and got used to the controls. I was really hoping I could set my controller up in close to the same fashion.
I’ve been a COD fan for a long time too. I asked the fellas to hook me up with my favorite controller configuration. See if you can find it in the Beta. It’ll be there.
Nacropolice  According to Moreconsole’s information, raids can take upwards of 4 hours or more.
He’s adorable, isn’t he? I’d encourage you to lean closer to “or more” as you set your expectations for what will be demanded of you from the Raid. Good luck. You’ll need it.
JWilson  Will we be able to get lost in areas?
I still get lost in Old Russia.
Element ZER0  Maybe a Bungie engineer can explain this better…
Why do you hurt me so much? You didn’t even give me a chance. You just pushed right past me and made a mad dash for the smart people. Unfortunately, their time is at a premium. We need them to be smarter harder than they’ve ever been right now. That’s why you have me to kick around, Guardians.
The weekend is a time of miracles. A Golden Age. We hope you enjoy yours. Ours will be spent bashing bugs and polishing the gates in anticipation of your arrival.