Weekly Update 5.23.14

You can also read the Weekly Update on Bnet. [divider] This week at Bungie, we stand on a sandy coastline to contemplate the seven seas. “It’s like building a wall to hold back a tsunami.” Zach Russell has a far off look in his eyes. On the Bungie org chart, his title is “The Ringmaster.” Today, as I’m sipping my coffee and listening to his wisdom, he’s looking more like the weary fisherman from “The Old Man and the Sea.” Zach’s been spending his days thinking about what happens when hundreds of thousands of gamers come to shore, momentously, exactly

Weekly Update 5.16.14

You can also read the Weekly update on Bnet [divider] This week at Bungie, we’re paving the way to E3, and beyond. This summer, our goal is to put this game into as many hands as we can. After all the talking (and singing and dancing) it’s finally going to be time to play. The air here is charged with a sense of purpose – not of finality, but inevitability. Every day, another slab of concrete solidifies, and the machine marches inexorable onward. Every square foot of space is now devoted to these final moments. What was once a place

Weekly Update 3.14.14

Read Bungie’s full Weekly Update below, or check it out on Bnet. [divider] This week at Bungie we… We… You know what? I’m not completely sure. I’ll be completely honest with you, weekly reader. Last night, I wrote these words in the window seat of an aeroplane. Again. Yeah, I know. And, it’s not the last – not by a damn sight. Don’t worry. I’m not about to placate you with stories about airport security. This week was an easy jaunt. Los Angeles was our Destination. By comparison to recent missions, this one felt like it was just on the

Weekly Update 1.10.14

Read Bungie’s full weekly update here. [divider] This week at Bungie, we got back to work. And so it was that 2013 gasped its last breath like a Cabal Centurion in the desperate throes of a Nova Bomb overdose. While that went down, we were dark. Our studio was silent. Of all the indulgences that spice the holiday season, our favorite was a heaping helping of our most valuable resource: Time. To close out an action-packed year of developments and revelations, we took some precious time to recharge our batteries. Our understanding of the rigors that await us in the year