Get Ready for the Vault of Glass

Published on: Sep 15, 2014 @ 17:52

“Beneath Venus, evil stirs.”

The Director is light on details for the Raid in Destiny. This is by design. The most elaborate mission ever created by Bungie is a mystery as much as it is a challenge – a puzzle and a gauntlet. The race to see who can be first to solve it – with their cunning and their skill – is about to begin.

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At 2:00 AM Pacific on Tuesday, September 16th, the Raid will accept challengers in Destiny. That’s 9:00 AM GMT.

Become Legend.
Not everyone will qualify. Among those who do, not everyone will succeed. To even approach this trial of teamwork and combat, the Guardians in your Fireteam will need to be Level 26.

Gear up. Team up.
Bring with you a team that has made the commitment to work together. Configure your loadouts so that you are powerful together in a variety of ways. Communicate with each other. The Raid will demand that you operate as a team. Cooperation is the key to your success.

Follow the Leader.
It’s very likely that you will not finish the Raid in one sitting. Your Fireteam leader is crucial to your eventual potential success. Your progress will be saved for one week. To resume your mission where you left off, you’ll need to follow the same Fireteam leader back into battle.

Enjoy the View.
There are those among you who are certain that they will be first. They have accepted our dare with a pledge to broadcast their first attempt. If you’re not yet prepared to undertake this rite of passage, you’re welcome to watch as they venture into the hostile unknown.