Guide to Every Exotic Bounty

Published on: Sep 15, 2014 @ 12:00

You can buy some Exotics with Strange Coins, and you might even be lucky enough to stumble across an Exotic bounty, with a lengthy list of challenging tasks that you must complete to earn a guaranteeExotic at the end.

Thorn, Super Good Advice, Bad Juju, Pocket Infinity, Invective, and Fate of all Fools are Exotic weapons found in Destiny through their respective Exotic Bounty mission.[divider]

Guide to Pocket Infinity‘s Exotic Bounty

[divider]Guide to Bad Juju‘s Exotic Bounty

[divider]Thorn Review

[divider]Guide to Super Good Advice‘s Exotic Bounty

[divider]Guide to Invective‘s Exotic Bounty


Exotic Bounty Guides

Shattered Memory Fragment

Reward: Pocket Infinity


  1. Obtain a Damaged Ghost from Venus’ Shattered Coast by defeating a Gate Lord.
  2. Kill a Vex Gate Lord in a Heroic Story mission to obtain Restored Ghost.
  3. Bring the Ghost to the Speaker to obtain Fusion Rifle Schematics.
  4. Bring the schematics to the Gunsmith to obtain Depleted Exotic Weapon Core.
  5. Dismantle 10 rare or higher quality Fusion Rifles to obtain Charged Exotic Weapon Core.
  6. Bring the core to the Gunsmith to obtain Unstable Prototype Fusion Rifle Frame.
  7. Kill 200 enemies in Weekly Nightfall Strike activities using any Fusion Rifle to obtain Stabilized Prototype. You will only get bounty credit if the enemies you kill are either level 28, or located within a Darkness Zone.
  8. Bring the prototype to the Gunsmith to obtain Pocket Infinity.


A Dubious Task

Reward: Invective


  1. Talk to Ikora Rey to obtain A request from Ikora Part I.
  2. Complete a total of 5 strikes without dying to obtain A request from Ikora – Completed.
  3. Return to Ikora Rey to obtain A request from Ikora Part II.
  4. Earn a Kills/Death spread of 25 in the Crucible (cumulative, not in a single match) to obtain A request from Ikora II – Completed.
  5. Return to Ikora Rey to obtain A request from Ikora Part III.
  6. Complete a weekly challenge mission to obtain A Clot of Darkness.
  7. Return to Ikora Rey to obtain Invective [Uncharged].
  8. Purchase an Invective component from the Gunsmith for 50 special weapon ammo packs to obtain Invective [Charged].
  9. Return to Ikora Rey to obtain Invective.


Toland’s Legacy

Reward: Bad Juju

Steps (see video above):

  1. Complete a heroic or Nightfall Strike to obtain Toland’s Journal [Fragmented].
  2. Bring the journal to Ikora Rey to obtain Toland’s Journal [Fragmented].
  3. Complete 25 Strikes to obtain Toland’s Journal [Encrypted]. Nightfall Strikes counts as 3.
  4. Bring the journal to Ikora Rey to obtain Toland’s Journal [Decrypted].
  5. Bring the journal to the Gunsmith to obtain Black Market Coupon.
  6. Bring the coupon to Xûr to obtain Darkness-infused weapon frame.
  7. Bring the weapon frame to the Gunsmith to obtain Darkness-infused Pulse Rifle.
  8. Defeat Guardians in the Crucible to obtain Sated Pulse Rifle. A Titan or Hunter kill or assist is worth 25 points, and a Warlock kill or assist is worth 75 Points, and you need 10,000 total.
  9. Return the Sated Pulse Rifle to the Gunsmith to obtain Bad Juju.


A Voice in the Wilderness

Reward: Super Good Advice

Steps (see video above):

  1. Find A Recalcitrant Gun by opening loot caches on Mars.
  2. Bring it to the Gunsmith to obtain A Mournful Gun.
  3. Buy an ammunition module from Xûr for one Strange Coin to obtain A Pleased Machine Gun frame.
  4. Kill 500 enemies with a Machine Gun to obtain An Enthusiastic Gun. Kills give 1 point, headshots and sprees give 3 points, and kills with rocket launchers remove 5 points.
  5. Bring An Enthusiastic Gun to the Gunsmith to obtain Super Good Advice.


An Unknown Patron

Reward: Fate of All Fools

Steps (Trials of Osiris):

  1. Win 5 crucible matches to obtain An Invitation.
  2. Bring the invitation to the Bounty Tracker to obtain The First Test.
  3. Perform feats of skill in the crucible to obtain The First Test – Completed.
  4. Return to the Bounty Tracker to obtain The Second Test.
  5. Trade Motes of Light for Osiris Coins. Use the coins to compete in the Trials of Osiris. If you lose 3 times you will need to buy another coin. With 10 wins on a single coin, or 25 wins total in the Trials of Osiris, to obtain The Second Test – Completed.
  6. Return to the Bounty Tracker to obtain The Third Test.
  7. Perform kills, headshots, and killing sprees with any scout rifle in the crucible to obtain The Third Test – Completed.
  8. Return to the Bounty Tracker to finally obtain Fate of All Fools.


A Light in the Dark

Reward: Thorn


  1. Complete “The Summoning Pits” Strike on the Moon for the Depleted Hand Cannon.
  2. Then, harvest the energies of Hive on the Moon to activate the weapon by killing 500 Hive. Killing Majors or Ultras will count for more than “1” kill. After you do that, you’ll have an updated Depleted Hand Cannon.
  3. Use Void Damage to defeat Guardians in the Crucible. Death will slow your progress. 500 points needed, each kill will count for 5 points. Your deaths subtract 2 points. Once you complete this you’ll obtain the Corrupted Hand Cannon.
  4. Cleanse the Corrupted Hand Cannon by buying an Infusion of Light from the Speaker.
  5. Now bring the Corrupted Hand Cannon to Ikora Rey.
  6. She gives you the Corrupted Thorn, and wants you to kill Xyor, the Unwed. Fight up to Phogoth and clear all of the adds. Killing Xyor will reward you with the Unbound Thorn.
  7. Return to the Speaker for your final reward, Thorn.