Vault of Glass LIVE

Intriguing puzzles and merciless foes in the Vault await those who are up for the challenge – PvE specialist DattoDoesDestiny ( is up for it! Him and his friends are streaming the Vault of Glass Raid right now! Watch his stream live below:

Here’s another stream:

[divider]Are you ready to explore the Vault of Glass Raid? Are you level 25+ yet? This week’s poll focuses on the Raid, and whether or not you are going to be participating in it any time soon.

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Primeguard claims the world first Vault of Glass clear, this fire team made of 3 Titans, 2 Hunters, and 1 Warlock cleared the raid in 10 hours and 42 minutes 3 seconds.

For those who are curious about their clear here’s some random stats:

  • They died a combined total of 1,606 times
  • 5,733 kills happened during the clear
  • An average K/D Ratio of 3.5