Destiny Loot Farming Guides

Published on: Sep 16, 2014 @ 10:29

Earlier in the week we shared this guide for loot farming. While it still is good, the amount of enemies doesn’t compare to this mission on the Moon!

This video by High0nPCP explains what is definitely one of the best loot farming locations, especially if you’re level 20. You’ll get Engrams relatively quickly, due to how easy it is to mow down these Hive Thralls.

For massive amounts of Glimmer, be sure to use a Black Wax Idol (in your inventory) while you farm.

  • Auto rifle is a great choice.
  • Do not kill the Knight, let him eventually kill you – that’s what starts the checkpoint over.
  • You’ll earn more Glimmer using your Black Wax Idols with the Heroic modifier.

[divider]Another great way to farm Engrams is at this the Skywatch on Earth (Patrol). M4giX312 has a video explaining what to do and where to go.

Remember, as with just about all the loot in Destiny, it’s random! Destiny isn’t the type of game where you’ll easily have the best gear in the first few weeks, but sometimes you get lucky.

You can attempt to maximize your profits by taking down the most enemies in the quickest amount of time, but ultimately not much is going to guarantee you a certain loot drop.