destiny 2 heroic public event guide

How to Activate Heroic Public Events

Every public event in Destiny 2 features a hidden requirement that, once met, will trigger a more difficult heroic version. Many of these will spawn an additional boss or spawn more powerful enemies, and it’s always worth it to do the heroic version, as they increase your chances at greater rewards, including Exotic engrams.

Here’s how to activate 8 different types of Heroic Events:

Ether Resupply

  • In order to trigger the heroic version of the battle against the giant Servitor, you must kill all of the smaller Servitors that spawn. There is usually one that initially spawns, followed by a group of three a few moments later.
  • Take them all out quickly before they despawn!
  • Once the heroic version begins, the main differences are that the Servitor will rally more powerful enemies to help defend it while also teleporting you to more perilous locations.

Glimmer Extraction

  • There are three different waves of 4 extractor enemies that you must defeat in order to complete this event normally. However, with each wave, you can also find a small generator device that has a small blue beam emitting from them.
  • To trigger the heroic version, you must destroy each of these generators before killing all 4 of the extraction enemies. They can take quite a bit of damage before they explode, so focus damage on the generator.
  • Once triggered, a massive pile of glimmer will spawn that you must defend. Waves of Fallen will descend upon you as you defend the pile to 100% completion.

Cabal Excavation

  • While dealing with the hectic onslaught of Cabal and air-to-surface missiles they are launching at you, keep an eye on the timer.
  • Once you reach 50%, a Thresher ship will spawn and circle above the area. Focus fire the ship down in order to trigger the heroic version.
  • Once you trigger the heroic version, your objective changes completely. An Excavation major enemy will drop into the area and you must defeat him.

Weapons Exchange

  • While fighting the Walker tank, you can drop them down and expose their core just like in Destiny 1.
  • 3 Arc orbs will fall out once the Walker’s weak spot is exposed. Surrounding the battlefield are also 3 force fields guarding Scorch Cannons. Each force field has 2 generators powering it that must be disabled by inserting the Arc orbs.
  • You’ll need a total of 6 orbs to unlock them all. Unlock all of the Scorch Cannons before eliminating the Walker to trigger the heroic version.
  • A second Walker tank will drop into the battle after you unlock all of the Scorch Cannons. Put them to good use to quickly eliminate both tanks to finish the event.

Witches’ Ritual

  • There are two different Hive summoning circles on the ground during this event. Have one player stand in each circle until the runes on the wall light all the way up and expose the Hive crystals.
  • Shoot out each of the crystals in order to trigger the heroic event.
  • An Abyssal Champion will emerge from the Hive portal and the objective then changes to eliminating this target in order to complete the event.

Injection Rig

  • This is one of the trickier heroic public events to start. As you battle the Scion majors inside the dome, heat vents will begin to open, releasing damaging flames.
  • Instead of fleeing the dome, search out the open vents near the top of the rig and fire at them until it closes.
  • Repeat the process with the following two Scions. After all three vents have been closed, you’ll start the heroic version.
  • As with the other Cabal event, the objective changes to taking out a major Infiltrator Valus enemy.

Spire Integration

  • As you defend the central conflux, you’ll notice three different circle plates surrounding the battlefield. Just like the Vault of Glass, stand in all three circles until they reach 100% to access the heroic version.
  • Your objective remains much the same in the heroic, defending the conflux against Vex attempting to integrate. Enemy swarms change into Elite Vex attackers, you’ll just need to hold them off.

Taken Blight

  • Enter the large domes surrounding the ball of Blight to receive a buff called “Blight Receding.” This will allow you to damage the Blight, but the effect is short-lived.
  • You’ll have to move in, damage the Blight, exit the dome, then go back in and repeat the process until the Blight is destroyed to trigger the heroic event.
  • Defeat the Blightmaker boss in order to complete the event.