Destiny 2 Content Roadmap

Here’s what you have to look forward to in the coming weeks:

9/5 – 9/6

  • Destiny 2 Launch
  • Flashpoint – European Dead Zone
  • Nightfall – The Arms Dealer (Prism and Timewarp: Killing Time modifiers)


  • First weekly reset
  • Flashpoint – Nessus
  • Nightfall – The Inverted Spire (Momentum and Timewarp: Rings modifiers)
  • Nightfall Guided Games beta begins


  • The Leviathan raid launches


  • Trials of the Nine launches
  • Countdown game mode on Eternity
  • Xur makes his first appearance in Destiny 2, bringing with him a selection of Exotics


  • Flashpoint – Io
  • Nightfall – Exodus Crash (Attrition and Timewarp: Anomalies modifiers)


  • Trials of the Nine returns
  • Survival game mode on Altar of Flame
  • Xur returns with more Exotics for sale


  • Flashpoint – Titan
  • Nightfall – The Pyramidion (Torment and Timewarp: Zero Hour modifiers)
  • Leviathan raid Guided Games Beta
  • Faction Rally (the return of Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy)


  • Trials of the Nine returns
  • Survival game mode on Emperor’s Respite
  • Xur returns with more Exotics for sale


Overall it looks like we’re in store for quite a busy first month of Destiny 2 content. Obviously the Leviathan raid and the return of Trials will be great additions to the D2 end game, but most interesting of all from the above list is the Faction Rally coming on September 26.

October is shaping up to be even busier, as Bungie has announced that Iron Banner will be making its D2 debut along with the raid becoming more “prestigious” –  Prestige Mode may be the new Hard/Challenge mode.

What are you most looking forward to most from this list?