Top 10 Things We’re Dawning to Do

Take Icebreaker back into PvE

It’s been so long since I heard the high-pitched whine of Icebreaker’s devastating and regenerating high-impact rounds. Will new, even cheesier spots be discovered in the Raids and Strikes? Will it become the new favorite in PvP? I’m just excited to have a chance to get it again. After two years of Destiny, this is one weapon that has never dropped for me…as if that’ll change. Hey, a guy can dream.

Destroy Sekrion, Nexus Mind…Again

Taniks, The Nexus, and Omnigul are all being updated with The Dawning. SIVA has infected these strikes, with different ways to complete them, including the Vault of Glass relic mechanic for Sekrion.

Explore Strike Scoring

Without knowing just how this will work and what effect it’ll have on rewards, it’s hard to know how excited I should really be and whether it’ll make a difference to anyone. Regardless, three cheers for change! Even if Strike Scoring provides nothing but the occasional smirk, that’s plenty. And I’m certainly looking forward to marveling at the dedicated Guardians atop the leaderboards during Bungie’s weekly updates, should such a thing exist.

Watch SRL Blossom into a Beautiful Butterfly

SRL came and went, mostly to fulfill the long-term cravings of Guardians who always wanted to race. And now its got more quests, 2 more tracks, rewards, and a dedicated spot in Private Matches. There’s also a free record book with the following loot:

Enjoy an Increased Skeleton Key Drop Rate

Not much to say here, other than to tell you I sort of feel like screaming from the rooftops about this. I’ve gotten exactly two [2] Skeleton Keys. I did manage to drop a decent Imago Loop with one, but I would really like to find that perfect Fatebringer roll before, y’know, the sequel.

Use an Exotic Void Machine Gun

Seriously. Nova Mortis, while being nothing more than a void Thunderlord with awesome new flavor text, will at least offer Guardians an option for high-impact void damage.

The only other exotic heavy (aside from Dark Drinker) is Truth. Melting Minotaurs during The Undying Mind is about to become way more entertaining.

Besides, “Nova Mortis” is a dope name.

Grind for New Armor…

The Dawning’s proprietary armor set looks – well – kinda rad. Like a futuristic krampus soldier with shiny tattoos. The problem? Nothing has been said (so far) about a vault space increase. At the very least, my snowflake-themed armor will confirm what I have always known: that I am, indeed, very special.

…And New Shaders

While we’re on the topic of grinding for new items, I feel compelled to mention shaders. As a proud member of the Hunter Fashion Squad, I am always in search of new swag. The Superblack shader that came with Festival of the Lost became an instant standby, and the promise of new cosmetics has me as excited as – well, just about everything else the Dawning has to offer. Now, if you need anything during the Dawning, I’ll be preening in the Tower Plaza. Feel free to admire me.

Never, Ever Have to Dismantle a Green Engram Again. Ever.

Talk about a quality of life improvement. Once level 40, they will automatically decrypt into weapon parts or armor materials. 🙂

Holiday Kiosk

Want to buy a specific Ornament? There’s a kiosk for that now. Xur will stop selling them, and now you can buy it from Eververse for 25 Silver Dust.

Engage in Rampant, Baseless Speculation

Aegis mechanics for Sekrion? The appearance of a Sword Bearer in Abomination Heist? You know what this means, don’t you?

That’s right. Vault of Glass and Crota’s End will be coming back, Y1 raid weapons will be brought into year three, and SIVA will infect everything in Destiny ever, everywhere. Then the Cabal Emperor will arrive at Earth, attack the Tower, and while Rasputin finalizes the “MIDNIGHT EXIGENT” sub-routine and becomes a true God Machine we’ll all have to relocate to an alternate timeline created by the Future War Cult device in order to survive and fight our way out through the insides of a gigantic Vex Minotaur like in Innerspace!?

…Or something like that. To be clear, that’s baseless speculation.

None of us have a clue what’ll happen in between now and Destiny 2. Even so, our beloved title is getting a holiday stim-pack, which is nothing but a good thing.