Latin America PS4 4v4 Tournament

Flankxr(iAM), Lil Sonic(iAM), Zombalomb(BSK) and Electro(BSK) formed the 4v4 Xbox Tournament champion team, also known as IAMBSK. The idea to combine two well-known Competitive Destiny Clans was ingenious.

“It felt great to make the ultimate comeback and win the whole tournament.” – Flankxr (iAM)

IAMBSK unexpectedly faced a huge loss in the first series. They had work their way from the loser’s bracket, and then went on to win every single series until the grand finals. They played phenomenally and won the Grand Finals against God Squad 8-1. It was one of the most intense and exciting moments in Destiny PvP history, and each player was proud of their team’s accomplishment.

“I didn’t think we would go far, considering we would play the same team and get beaten again, but somehow we pulled through and won.” – Lil Sonic (iAM)

“The person to surprise me the most with their performance was Flanker.” – Electro (BSK)


Back to PS4! On December 10, the first PvP Legends Latin America 4v4 Tournament will be hosted. Many teams have already signed up for their chance at the $1,000 prize. Have you?

¡Buena suerte a todos los guardianes participando en este evento!