Top 10 Best Rolls for Lunar Weapons in Shadowkeep

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep brought several new weapons with its release. You can earn these weapons by gathering and completing their respective essences from activities on the moon, or by killing certain Nightmare Hunt bosses when they’re available for the week. Here’s a look at each weapon, and what I personally consider the best possible roll for them.


This weapon is in a weird spot. It comes with Surrounded, but machine guns are exactly the type of weapon you don’t want to use when you’re right next to a lot of enemies. There’s nothing to write home about in either the third or fourth perk column, either. If you’re going to make me choose a roll, it would be one with as much Range as possible to go with Quickdraw and Firmly Planted.


Auto Rifles are enjoying a bit of a renaissance in the Crucible, thanks to the Hand Cannon and Pulse Rifle range nerfs. PvP addicts should go for a Full Bore, Accurized Rounds, Moving Target, Rangefinder and Range MW combo. Energy primaries aren’t really my first choice for PvE, but any combination featuring Subsistence and Rampage would work for this gun. Another plus for Arc Logic is that it doesn’t have the ridiculous screen shake of Misfit.


Adaptive Frame Fusions are still in a bit of an odd spot, lacking the Range and damage of their High-Impact cousins. Still, this could be a good anti-ape Fusion if you get Extended Barrel, Projection Fuse, Range Finder, Backup Plan, and some extra Range from the Masterwork. Just don’t expect to one-bang other Guardians from downtown. Erentil this is not.


A Void Energy SMG that isn’t the Recluse? You can go for a Full Bore, Ricochet Rounds, Outlaw, Killclip or Swashbuckler, and Range combo for a weapon that could potentially out range everyone’s favorite pinnacle weapon. An okay alternative for those of you who can’t stand the Glory Playlists.


Heavy Grenade Launchers are still all the rage in PvE DPS for the moment, so you should farm this one when you can. Something else that makes this GL special is it being the second launcher ever to roll with Full Court, after the Season of the Drifter’s Doomsday. Two big advantages for Love and Death over Doomsday: you can choose it as a reward, and you don’t have to play Gambit or Reckoning. You can’t go wrong with Volatile Launch, Spike Grenades, Field Prep, Full Court, and a Blast Radius MW.


I personally love Aggressive Frame Hand Cannons, but I’m on PC and understand they don’t hold up well on console. Players trying to pretend the Hand Cannon Range nerfs didn’t happen should go for Full Bore, Accurized Rounds, Explosive Rounds, and plus 10 to Range for the MW. If I was forced to pick a perk for the third column, I’d run with Field Prep for faster reloads whenever you want them. Outlaw, Rampage, or Multikill Clip are, of course, solid for PvE.


This is the first Kinetic, Rapid-Fire Frame shotgun we’ve seen since Perfect Paradox that wasn’t locked behind a raid. It’s a great choice for barrel stuffing Elites and Majors in PvE, but it’s not exactly the meta in the Crucible. Go for Smallbore, Tactical Mag, Grave Robber, One-Two Punch, and a Stability Masterwork if you want to absolutely destroy tougher enemies.


If you’re interested in Swords, then I assume you’re CammyCakes. In which case why are you reading this, Cammy? Jokes aside, Swords are just so unique to the player that I can’t really recommend any specific roll for you. Just go with what you’ve enjoyed in the past.


If you never got the Inaugural Address, then you’re in luck. You can now chase a High-Impact Pulse Rifle in the Energy slot that comes with Outlaw and Killclip. I’ll be farming for an Extended Barrel, Ricochet Rounds, Outlaw, Killclip, and Range roll to become THAT guy in the Crucible.


An Adaptive Frame sniper, this beauty can shut down most* roaming Supers with one shot to the head. Tranquility is special for not only being only the second sniper to have No Distractions available to it, but for also being one of only two snipers that can roll with Firing Line for extra damage when you’re posted near teammates. Crucible junkies looking to lane will want Full Bore, Accurized Rounds, No Distractions, Snapshot Sights, and a Range Masterwork. PvE players should go for Appended Mag, Field Prep, Firing Line, and Reload Speed for a Whisper of the Worm-like weapon.