Rise of Iron ARG?

Has Bungie started an alternate reality game for Rise of Iron? Looks like it!

New character boosters have appeared in Destiny following maintenance earlier today, seemingly out of nowhere. Splendor 2.6 was first reported by Twitch streamer Mr_Amplified.

What’s more mysterious, streamer SayNoToRage received a message in his chat at the same time the buff appeared. The message from owl_sector stated “We’ve detected an unidentified foreign intrusion into your systems, Guardian. Stay calm. We will investigate.”

The effect’s description reads:

“[Booster Name] has been transmitted to you. Increased XP and reputation gains for the duration of transmission.”

The effect also applies a glowing cloud of tech mites around the Guardian’s head. 

Watch how it can be transferred:


You’re actually able to have Brilliance, Glory, Splendor, Magnificence, and Fortitude active at the same time.


The Owl Sector website went live showing a map of Earth and featuring various numbers and symbols, and content is being added to it over time. 

Ikora Rey’s Hidden—a clandestine group of Guardians tasked with silently infiltrating enemy strongholds and gathering vital intel for the Warlocks.


We will update this article as we learn more!