Exploring Felwinter Peak

Game Informer has released a new video showing off Felwinter peak, Rise of Iron’s new social space.

We also have a video showing off more of its spaces:

New bits of information gleaned from GI’s video include revealing that the tokens we’ll use to purchase Artifacts will carry over from week to week, as well as confirmation that Felwinter Peak will get its own Postmaster, Vaults, Bounties, and Cryptarch. Taylor even revealed the existence of a musical puzzle! There are bells throughout the Temple of the Iron Lords and if run in the correct order “something might happen.”



The biggest information drop came from a full view of Shiro-4’s Vendor screen. Shiro-4 is Cayde-6’s scout and representative at Felwinter Peak, and will offer both new weekly bounties and utility items for sale, including one that has never before been sold in Destiny.

rise of iron shiro-4

It appears he will also sell some kind of class items, although we may also be getting a reminder that this is still a development build: The class items are labeled “House of Judgment Gear”, but clearly depict Iron Lord Hunter Cloaks. We’ll have to wait until a later date to verify what he’ll actually have on offer.

Weekly Bounties

These are just some of his bounties. It looks like each will reward 500 Vanguard rep & 5000 experience.

  • Crushing Blows – Use the Iron Battle Axe or powerful Enemy weapons to decimate hostile threats. 0
  • Shock it to Me – Use Arc damage to kill Fallen. 
  • Pull the Plug – Kill Fallen Majors and Ultras. 
  • Archon’s Forge: Captains – Complete Captain encounters in Archon’s Forge. 


  • Class items
  • Weapon Parts
  • Armor Materials!
  • Special Ammo Synth
  • Heavy Ammo Synth

No costs were revealed, but it’s a safe bet that Weapon Parts will be priced at 250 Glimmer for 5 to maintain parity with the Gunsmith. Armor Materials have never been sold before, but we’re betting they’ll come at a similar cost.


That’s it for now, Guardians! To better prepare for this expansion, check out this guide.