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On the Bright Side – Bubble Train

Despite Iron Banner officially ending for most guardians, 12 Titans are still competing and appear to be well on their way to setting a new Tower record for the longest crucible match of all time.

The epic stalemate started when two teams of Defenders squared off on Frontier, each vying for the glory of victory. However, the situation soon evolved into a tense chess match as both teams employed their ultimate strategy – The Bubble Train.

We were able to speak with SickSnipezDave, the captain of Alpha team and warrior who fired the first Super, about the situation.

“Flying in from orbit, nobody expected a situation like this. The match has been super sweaty. These bubbles start to feel like an oven when you’re in them too long, but we are confident our strategy will pay off.”

“But, how much longer must this carnage continue in the name of fleeting honor?” we asked him.

“We’ve been here for a few days now, and although our legs are tired from all the dancing we’ve been doing in these domes, we’re prepared to stick it out for as long as it takes. Our opponents from Bravo team are clearly on our skill level, so I suspect they feel the same way.”

Purists might perceive this form of combat as uneventful. Some might even go as far as to call it, “pointless.” Dave, however, sees it in a different light.

“I know it looks like we have been standing here doing nothing, but combat is about playing mind games with your opponents. Plus, think how handsomely rewarded we will be when we finally emerge victorious!”

One could make the argument that the competitors involved are responsible for the situation that has developed. They are choosing a play style that requires them to stand around and perspire in their bubbles, but we can’t help but thinking the great Lord Saladin deserves a bit of the waggro (see: wife + aggro) coming SickSnipeDave’s way when he misses dinner. It was, after all, his curious decision to pit these two skilled teams against each other.

“Our whole team has called into work for tomorrow so we can finish this,” said Dave. “We just have to remember the Iron Lords are smiling upon us.”

Or laughing at you, Dave. At this point, it’s hard to tell.

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