Shin Malphur: In the Shadow of Yor

Shin Malphur, the famous “Man with the Golden Gun,” killer of Dredgen Yor in the battle at Dwindler’s Ridge, has long been regarded as a hero; a champion of the Light who cannot abide even an ounce of Darkness among other Guardians. But the legend he has built for himself is no more than a façade, carefully crafted to maintain a specific appearance, below which hides a network of deception, deeper than any among the Light or Dark could have anticipated…


Spinfoil Monday: The Nemesis Star

Welcome to another edition of Spinfoil Sunday Monday, when we put on our protective hats and stare unblinking into the abyss. This week, we’ll be discussing the Nemesis Star and cyclical extinctions. Last time we took a look at the wild theory that SIVA has something – somehow – to do with the worms. [divider] The Nemesis Star theory states that the cause of cyclical extinctions on Earth is an as-yet-undiscovered dwarf star whose gravity sends other celestial bodies hurtling our way every 27 million years. As puts it, Scientists speculated that Nemesis may affect the Oort cloud, which

Rejected Grimoire Cards

Click here to read 16 more! [divider] The Crucible “As if things couldn’t be any worse while I’m lying there, bleeding out from a shotgun blast and enduring my assailant’s cod piece smacking against my helmet, I hear Lord Shaxx come over my Comm Link. He tells me that I’ll learn from this defeat. You know what I learned? Shaxx is an asshole and I hate him.” –Jeremy the Accosted  Lord Shaxx “We will have to reforge the sword, Guardian, but first I will need a few things. You, uh… might want to clear your schedule for the rest of

Spinfoil Sunday: SIVA and the Worms

Welcome to Spinfoil Sunday, the day to make wildly unfounded speculations about Destiny lore. This week, let’s talk about the possible link between SIVA and the assorted worm-creatures of Destiny’s story. The Books of Sorrow entrenched the Hive Worms – and by extension, the Ahamkara – as a core element of the game narrative. If nothing else, the two groups of entities appear to be related, and it seems impossible that we would be forced to endure an expansion that makes no mention of either group. SIVA, the nanotechnology-turned-rampant-virus that the Devil Splicers have used to attempt to become “Machine gods,” is


The Taken King’s 5 Biggest Mysteries

With the release of The Taken King, Bungie showed us that they could deliver satisfying story-telling and character development. We got cutscenes! Cayde-6 and Eris Morn turned from sources of one-liners into mildly relatable individuals. And at last, with the Books of Sorrow, we were treated to the backstory we deserved. And what lore it was! A cohesive narrative, chronicling the birth and rise of the Hive, the deaths of thousands of sentient species, the journey of the Traveler across the cosmos to the place where, at last, it came to rest: Earth. Along the way, we learned about Hive

Spinfoil Sunday: Who was Dredgen Yor?

Feature image artwork by Buckle up, Guardians, and put on your Spinfoil hats. Because this week, we’re tackling a endlessly inspiring, endlessly fascinating, and endlessly frustrating topic: Thorn. And more specifically, the identity of Dredgen Yor. Since the days of Vanilla Destiny, Thorn has been one of the community’s favorite subjects. The corruption of a Guardian. The showdown on Dwindler’s Ridge. The Spaghetti Space Western-ness of it all. And some of the creepiest Grimoire cards in the game. But one question remained: who was Dredgen Yor, before Thorn corrupted him? Many theories have been offered: Jaren Ward is Yor. Shin

The Daughters of Praedyth (Chapter 10)

For Tess, passing back through the gate into three dimensions was like walking out of the ocean. She felt a sort of existential weight sluicing off from her. Existence became simpler, narrower, more compact. But where the ocean had buoyed her up and let her move in any direction, now she was limited to walking on a single plane. For a few squalid seconds, she felt like she was squeezed between two plates of glass under a burning glare. Then, the sensation eased and her mind remembered what it was like to be three dimensional. As she passed through the

A Light in Time (Chapter 2)

[Previously in Part 1 of ‘A Light in Time’: Erebus has been sent by the Vanguard to patrol Venera’s Landing, an area southeast of the Ishtar Sink, and locate an undetermined Vex Warpgate. The Vex Hezen Corrective have suddenly taken an interest in this location and it is up to Erebus to figure out what is going on. Upon arrival, Erebus finds an entrance to Vex subterranean caves and passageways. While investigating this location Erebus comes face to face with a dangerous Vex Praetorian…]   …..Venera’s Landing — Station 17 ….. …..Day Five — Investigation of an Undetermined Vex Warpgate