On The Bright Side – Disappearing Act

The Moon is a strange landscape. It’s full of imposing Hive enemies, and ancient relics of a bygone era when humanity first experimented with space travel. It is also the setting of the mysterious disappearance of Sammy SwordWielder, a guardian that set out on a journey to collect Soliton Flares, and was never heard from again. While there isn’t much recorded information on Sammy’s disappearance, we have dug through the available information, and spoke with Mrs. SwordWielder, in an attempt to uncover what really happened to him. The nightmare started for the SwordWielder family when Sammy was contacted by Lord

New Debts – Chapter 9

Click here to read previous chapters. [divider] I sat at my desk for an hour alternatively stunned and angry. Balan’s death could not be a coincidence. I’d asked him for a favor and it had gotten him killed. Someone had just shown their hand. The Shepherds were the key. Rupert knew about them and he’d been killed. Balan knew about them and now he was dead. If I had tried to search for information on the Shepherds in the public archives I would probably have been targeted as well. Instead, I’d used Balan and now he was dead. Who were the Shepherds?

New Debts – Chapter 8

Click here to read previous chapters. [divider] My shirt dried and I ended up having a very pleasant conversation with Balan. He’d seen some pretty insane stuff, and those were just the stories he felt like telling me. The things he didn’t want to talk about, I probably didn’t want to hear about. What gives a Guardian nightmares? I hope I never find out. Balan promised me he would find out something about who the Shepherds were. When I asked him how long he thought it might take, he confidently told me he would know something in the morning. He could see

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On The Bright Side – Kill Steal Conspiracy

What would it be like to spend 90 days in the Prison of Elders? A new documentary, titled “Making A Griefer” will be coming soon to a Tower kiosk near you! It all started last December when PulseRiflePrincess, a taken-tot with aspirations of becoming legend, played her first ever Crucible match. As an avid fan of player-vs-player combat, she knew her best hope of staying alive was to stick close to other guardians and team shoot her enemies. “I jumped into a Control match,” said PulseRiflePrincess. “I figured, for a beginner, it would be the easiest playlist to start in.

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New Debts – Chapter 7

Click here to read previous chapters. [divider] “This is stupid. I’m going to get killed. I can’t believe I’m doing this.” I didn’t usually talk to myself, but I knew from my days as a cop that if you walked into the wrong bar without backup you were taking your life into your hands. People are territorial. They like to feel safe among peers, and when an outsider sticks their nose into territory that doesn’t belong to them, they’re apt to lose that nose. I sighed and looked up at the wooden sign hanging above the door. It bore the name “The

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On The Bright Side – Hive Massacre

Is the Grasp of Malok worth the lives of the countless Hive warriors we have slayed for it? The Galactic Union for Combat Labor certainly doesn’t think so. The G.U.C.L. Local 77 announced in a statement earlier today that they will no longer be supplying labor to Omnigul for use against guardians in Skywatch. The Union’s employees voted unanimously for the labor strike, citing unsafe working conditions as the primary issue. The hazards to safety and health were described by one Hive Knight as, “Deplorable and excessively dangerous, even for a combat worker.” A labor strike in Skywatch is not

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New Debts – Chapter 6

Click here to view previous chapters. [divider] I stared at the church for several minutes. The setting sun painted the patchy white cinderblock walls orange. My stomach told me it was time for dinner, probably due to having skipped lunch on my walking tour of this nearly abandoned part of the city.  An idea suddenly occurred to me. I pulled out my pocket terminal and checked the time.  It was close to 5:00 p.m.; Sgt. Zeram would probably be getting ready for work and he might be hungry as well. As I walked back toward the city proper, I was a

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New Debts – Chapter 5

Click here to read chapter 4. [divider] After I took a few deep breaths and got a hold of myself, I started trying to figure out what to do next. Clearly, Kara hadn’t known about this wooden plaque, or she would never have sent me to look into Rupert’s death. Her mother had almost certainly been through the apartment, but the plaque was still here, so that meant probably no one had found it. A family member trying to protect the reputation of a deceased relative, and the family, would certainly have burned or trashed something like this. There are