A Light in Time fiction story

A Light in Time (Chapter 1)

…..Venera’s Landing — Station 17 ….. …..Several hundred kilometers Southeast of the Ishtar Sink….. ….. …..Day Five — Investigation of an Undetermined Vex Warpgate Location….. ….. …..Guardian — Erebus Eques — Warlock….. ….. …..7300S30300E….. Venus, a warm and very wet planet. It is astonishingly beautiful, but I hate it. I prefer cold climates. They’re more predictable. In any case, I am stuck here, where the rain is oftentimes acidic and the wildlife large enough to swallow me whole. I am sure that this planet was a lot more forgiving before The Collapse, but over the years it has become a


On the Bright Side – Mite Madness

When news of a mysterious disease broke this week, we here at On the Brightside knew it was our duty to investigate this hard hitting story. So, we slowly crawled out from under the rusted golden age relic we’ve been living under, dusted off our armor, and rocketed off to the barren landscape of Mars. We were expecting to find something of a wonder, amazement, and intrigue, but what we actually found were residents of the Red Planet with a simple message: “Stay off our sand!” [divider] After being caught rummaging through the trash of a local cabal named Arraarach


The Daughters of Praedyth (Chapter 9)

Cayde-6 was quiet for so long that Kvioh finally asked him: “So, is that the end of the story? What’s the question you wanted to ask me?” Kvioh was looking at him, but Cayde could see the forefinger of her right hand tracing a shape on the floor of her cell. As he watched her finger move, he recognized the shape. It was the smoothly lethal shape of the Hunter’s knife. When she saw him looking, she closed her hand on the imaginary knife, as if to pluck it up. Cayde met her eyes and she could hear the smile

The Daughters of Praedyth (Chapter 8)

“Incoming! Get down, get down!” Sweet Susie screamed. Her warning was overborne by  a harsher metallic bellowing as steel and concrete were peeled away around and above them. The massive, building-sized Vex unit had begun firing on them almost instantly after it awakened. Its arsenal included a massive energy weapon, rapid-fire projectile guns, and a close range sonic powerful enough to shatter concrete. The Daughters had been able to get in a few shots, but nothing effectual. Mostly, they had run for their lives. Unsure of whether or not they could rely on their jumping abilities to cushion a landing,

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The Daughters of Praedyth (Chapter 7)

“That isolation chamber was constructed entirely out of a yttrium and cobalt alloy. It took years to get the magnetic fields perfectly aligned so that the chamber was completely insulated from every form of radiation. You ladies managed to completely ruin it in less than two minutes.  I hope you’re proud of yourselves.” Dr. Shim had removed his helmet for this lecture and the Daughters could finally see his face. He appeared to be a standard human of Asian descent. His short dark hair was trimmed close to his skull. Jale suspected this was for convenience rather than any thought

Lore: Battles of the City

In my last report we discussed the Exo Stranger and her possible relationship to the Ishtar Collective. Today, we’ll be discussing a portion of the City’s history. The Tower wasn’t always bright; Six Fronts, Battle at Burning Lake, the Great Disaster on Luna, and Battle of Twilight Gap. We’ll begin with the battle that some  scholars here in the Tower believe started the City Age. The Battle of Six Fronts occurred quite some time ago, perhaps even up to centuries before the present time. Six Fronts was named as such because the Fallen surrounded the City on six sides, six approaches

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On the Bright Side – Consumable Craze

Guardians pop consumables every day, without giving much thought to where they come from, what goes in them, or how they’re affecting our space warrior bodies. Consumable use in Last Safe City is at an all-time high. Whether it’s to casually gain a bit more reputation per strike, or feverishly farm Draksis with Three of Coins. Xur, who conveniently couldn’t be contacted for a comment on this story, is a major source of these products, but he isn’t the only trusted face peddling these out. Variks and the Vanguard recently started providing consumables too, so we decided it might be time to inform the

New Debts – Chapter 10

Click here to read previous chapters.  [divider] When I stepped off the transport jet from the Tower, I had no idea what to do next. There was a target on my back. What was worse, anyone I involved at this point might end up with the same target on them. Perhaps most frustratingly, I didn’t know why. I stopped in my tracks, the VTOL’s idling engines rippling my suit around me, and looked up at the Tower. “The next time I see you, Kvioh, I’m going to ask you. I’m going to ask you: ‘Why?’” There was only one way out of