Dust Palace Nightfall Guide

Comrades, another bout with Destiny awaits. The tattered shores of time and space have gifted us a new Nightfall. This week, we find ourselves knee deep in Dust Palace once again. 

Void Burn should come as no surprise. This difficulty mod increases Void damage from both you and your enemies by up to 300%. Ready your best Nova Bomb for this one.

Add to this a renewed interest in Brawler, and this week’s Destiny appears to be a winner. Brawler increases melee damage so don’t hesitate to get up close and personal.

Grounded ensures you stay close to the ground as you’ll definitely take more of a hit while airborne. In other words, those high-flying balcony hops you’ve grown fond of may have to sit on the shelf until next Nightfall.

Trickle greatly reduces recharge rate so maybe you should hold off on all those Nova Bombs I mentioned earlier.  Instead, try to stick with melee attacks (if need be) and a weapon that speaks your language. Trickle may come off as a bad thing at first glance but it encourages players to experiment with different weapons.