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Hey guys, instead of making a new post for every new article comes out, I’ll be updating this post with all of the Desitny media coverage.

Check back throughout the day periodically for more Destiny News!

If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the all new 7-minute Strike gameplay here that Bungie released.


Articles and Videos Below (Click the links)

AusGamers: Interview With David “DeeJ” Dagu

CVG: Has Bungie redefined the shooter?

Destructoid: Destiny combat is solid, but not so sure about the rest of it*

Destructoid: Competitive multiplayer will be balanced

EuroGamer: Better than Halo?

GameInformer: Hands on with the Three Classes

GameInformer: Five Features That Help Define Bungie’s Shooter

GameReactor: Embracing Destiny: Hands-On with Bungie’s Shared World Shooter

GameSpot: What Awaits You

GameSpot: Why Destiny is not coming to PC, at least not right away

IGN: First Impressions

IGN: Destiny Won’t Have Player-to-Player Item Trading at Launch

Joystiq: Destiny wears its Halo with pride

Joystiq: Pete Parsons on why Destiny isn’t Borderlands

Joystiq: Say Halo to Bungie’s Bellevue studio

Kotaku: I Played 45 Minutes Of Destiny, And It Was Kind Of Boring*

MP1st: Multiplayer Won’t Be Limited to 3v3 Combat

PlayStation Blog: First PS4 Hands-on Details

Polygon: Destiny Saves Can be transferred from old consoles to new

Polygon: Is Destiny more than an MMO Halo?

Polygon: What is Destiny Offering that’s new and different?

The Gaurdian: How the makers of Halo plan to change the future of shooters

*The journalists basically all played the same pre-alpha demo, which was in a “controlled environment” and didn’t delve much into areas that we haven’t already seen. They were limited in what they had access to, and some of them obviously wished they had exposure to more aspects of the game. “They [Bungie] were being really secretive about 90% of the game.” This is to be expected, knowing Bungie’s reputation for surprising the players, and the fact that E3 is coming soon.

Some of the reviews were so poorly done, like the Eurogamer video which said that it “wasn’t an open world” (which isn’t true) and that there wasn’t a confirmed release date (also not true).


Playstation Access Interview

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Destructoid Impressions

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Rooster Teeth

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Some things we’ve learned so far: