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Taking Down Oryx Alone

Every so often, a Legend comes along to remind us that nothing is impossible in the world of Destiny. Today, that legend is The Great Gatsby who has defeated Oryx on his own.

As detailed in his extensive Reddit post, Gatsby invested over 50 hours to the process, trying, failing, and trying again to develop a method that would allow him to take down the king by himself. It’s of course an incredible accomplishment on Gatsby’s part, but he graciously gives credit to other players who helped him through it with emotional support and gameplay advice.

Gatsby uses a Sunsinger to defeat Oryx, relying on the warlock’s Fireborn ability to intentionally revive himself at key points in the battle. Relying on his trusty Smite of Merain and 1000 Yard Stare for the most part, the Sleeper Simulant makes a surprising appearance in the heavy slot. As it turns out, the fabled heavy fusion rifle effectively staggers Oryx when his chest begins to open. Whos’ the special exotic heavy weapon now, Gjallarhorn?

Though King’s Fall has been praised for being technically sound and engaging, thus preventing players from “cheesing” like they’ve done past raids, Bungie must certainly be impressed by TheGrreatGatsby’s ability to bypass the crazy encounters that regularly challenge full fireteams of 6 up to an hour to complete.

When asked on twitter if anyone might be getting in trouble at Bungie for this, community manager Urk responded with a hilarious threat to fire Cozmo. At this time, it’s been said that Cozmo is refusing to leave his seat.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Destiny raiders and the community’s urge to solve any challenge, even if put in place by the players themselves. Today, TheGrreatGatsby has certainly defied the odds.