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Weekly Update 12.3.15 (December Outline)

Published on: Dec 3, 2015 @ 16:54

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Welcome to December! As the air grows colder and the mood turns festive, we’re in the toy shop working on another game update. Our current plan is to deploy the latest packages to you as soon as next week. The thing about plans is that they can change, so the exact day is up to the smart people who get to push the big red button. Stay tuned for more specific dates and times.

In recent weeks, we’ve served up some previews to keep you up to speed. The Sandbox Team is updating your arsenal, your preferred Tower Vendors will be accepting new materials in exchange for reputation and rank, and we’re reprising a handful of Year One Exotics.

Before these iterations get the full Patch Note treatment, we have one more moment to talk about another much-anticipated aspect of the December update.

Let’s hammer out the details.


Sunbreakers, Strikers, Defenders, oh my!

About those Titans…

Ever since their Solar brothers and sisters entered the explosive mix of Destiny with the arrival of The Taken King, they’ve been quite the hot topic of conversation. Even before the first fiery salvo landed in someone’s face, there has been plenty of feedback about our armored friends. While we’re making some adjustments to Sunbreakers in Update 2.1.0, we won’t be leaving Strikers and Defenders out in the cold this winter.

Tomorrow (Friday, December 4th), we’ll have a new preview article on the Updates portion of the blog. There, you’ll find Senior Design Lead Sage Merrill holding court and delivering developer commentary about what will befall every Titan next week. Expects stats and insights for each subclass.

Expect full Patch Notes for Update 2.1.0 to land alongside the update itself, early next week.

We’ll let you know when the Titan preview is live, after one rotation of our Earth.


Serving the Worm

[or “Occupy Warpriest”]

Let’s talk about what’s been happening aboard the Dreadnaught.

339,900: That’s how many Guardians have unlocked the Worm Gods’ Servant emblem between the weekly reset and earlier today, just before Bungie User Research went to lunch.

As FantasticDuck of Clan Curly Mustache can attest, the only way to add it to your collection is to slay the Warpriest in the King’s Fall Raid under specific circumstances.

Along with a fancy new emblem, victory in a boss challenge will also net you an additional layer of top-tier loot (310 Light in King’s Fall Normal and 320 in King’s Fall Hard). For those of you who have craved better Raid rewards, this isn’t the last opportunity you’ll have to rake them in. One of three optional challenges will be featured each weak.

The Warpriest encounter is the opening act. If you’re up to the challenge and haven’t tackled it yet, get in there and get some enhanced endgame gear while the gettin’ is good.

For those wondering if the challenge will ramp up at Golgoroth, let us know what you think next week.

Before we go, here’s a final shopping tip: If you see something you like on the Eververse store – something you’ve been meaning to pick up any day now – this is a good time to grab it. The December Update will refresh the inventory available from Tess. She’ll put the stuff you see now in some bags you can still acquire with some Silver, but their contents will be less direct and predictable.