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Favorite Exotics & Weapon Types (#46 Recap)

Published on: Dec 2, 2015 @ 21:12

Didn’t get a chance to listen to the Planet Destiny podcast yet? We’ve got you covered! Episode #47 is being recorded tomorrow!


RaF “Controversy”

The rewards are simply for looks, and don’t help anyone play better or have better gear. Datto makes a strong point when he notes that almost every other popular MMO has some sort of “recruitment” program, and advises players to view the program as a cool bonus, not something malicious. But then again, the timing of this sucks, and there’s tons of room for improvement.


Challenge Mode


The Weapons to Look Out For – Auto Rifles & MIDA!

When asked about what he expects to succeed after the 2.1 balance patch, Datto was quick to point out that auto rifles might see a resurgence in the Crucible. Before it drops, make sure to grab some of the best of them:

Zhalo Supercell: Its strong chaining exotic perk can actually do a ton of damage in 6v6 game modes, and it’s already loaded with strong range and impact.

Zarinaea-D: If you’ve been collecting Armsday packages, you might have noticed this Hakke auto rifle. It’s in the mid-impact range, and is regularly provided by Banshee with strong stability rolls. It’s a solid gun that’s easily attainable if you’re still looking for an auto.

Doctrine of Passing: A member of the high rate-of-fire archetype, bullet hoses were once made fun of, but no more… this can be acquired in Trails, and it’ll drop with strong PvP perks like Counterbalance or Hidden Hand.

Lots to look forward to!