Forged in Fire ViDoc


Massive Breakdown Podcast

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  • New weapons, including more Exotics, Raid Weapons, Vendor Weapons, Gjallarhorn and Thorn, and lots of Sidearms.
  • Private Matchmaking
  • First time we get to go fighting through a social space and in a blizzard.
  • Ornaments look bad ass.
  • The Wretched Eye strike features a blind ogre who had his eye stolen by a Fallen Captain and attached to a gun. The Ogre tries to crush you while the Captain shoots you with the eye blast.
  • The new raid starts inside the wall, climbs to the top where it has an amazing view, and where you find the death zamboni, which you have to run away from. After that you jump back off the wall and are confined in the dpeths once again.
  • Archons’ Forge is basically like Thunderdome.
  • New artifacts (all the ones discussed before).
  • Tons of new armor, lots of sets to match the new weapons.


  • Private matchmaking, and you can even start matches alone
  • Can change both game options and map
  • Private matches are for anyone on current gen, regardless of what version of destiny they have.
  • All modes, including mayhem and inferno (not including Crimson Doubles and SLR)
  • All maps
  • Can change score limit, time limit, and enable or disable Light Level
  • Can change time of day and vehicles

Supremacy – couple variants (6v6 normal, FFA, Inferno)

  • First RoI IB is supremacy
  • Crests are different for each class
  • Red is enemy, blue is your own team for crests
  • You can see where the crests are on the UI
  • If you pick up the crest of someone you killed, you get two points. If someone else on your team picks it up, they get 1 and you get 1.
  • Crests have physical properties, and they can be moved with blasts, etc.
  • Tactically advantageous places are more important in the Supremacy gamemode, as opposed to capture points. This takes the action to different places on the map.


  • 3 new maps (Skyline, Last Exit, Floating Gardens) +1 PS Exclusive (Icarus)
  • There are new medals

Floating Gardens

  • Vex map on venus
  • Back in year 1 when they were making Venus, they came up with this area called Well of Iron, where the Vex dump fallen comrades into pool of data milk. A lot of those elements are represented in the new map.
  • It’s mostly close quarters, symmetrical, 3 lane map. The lanes are not equal choices. Each lane is supposed to be a different experience. Shotguns are better on the right lane, while the left lane has longer engagement distances.


  • Warmind solar collector
  • Designers were fascinated by real life power towers
  • It’s a radial map like Anomaly, but the exterior is much more open. Both Anomaly and Icarus share a Warmind like architecture.